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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bringing Back The Lost Art of Sewing

Happy Women Living Well Wednesday!

For my "Women Living Well" post this week, I would like to talk about the lost art of sewing. When was the last time you remember knowing or even hearing about a young girl who sews? How many of you grew up with Grandmothers, Mothers and Aunts who knew how to sew? Many women learned how to sew out of pleasure, but mostly because it was a necessity. In the past all young girls grew up with the knowledge of sewing because it was an art form.

I grew up in a family of seamstresses. My Grandma Vera ( My Mother's Mom) was a fabulous seamstress. Grandma Vera really could have been a Vogue fashion designer! She made all of her children's clothes when they were little, my Mom's prom dresses, even my Mom's wedding dress, as well as her own. Another wonderful seamstress in the family is my own Mother. Growing up my Mom also made many of my clothes, my prom dress and now she is sewing for her little grandson ( my son Robert) arriving this May!

Well, I have just started taking up sewing on my own. When I was a little girl my Mom would always do craft projects with me, she taught me how to sew by hand. Now, I am trying my hand at sewing, with no great expectations to come even close to being as good as my Grandma and Mother. This is a dress that Grandma Made for me.

My Mom's Wedding Dress, made by my Grandma. So, here is my feeble first attempt at sewing an outfit for my little Robert! It is far from perfect, but it's mine! I followed a pattern and had some much needed advice from my Mother. Who shares her version of our story on her blog

Thanks Mom for passing the art of sewing down to me! :)

Here I am Ironing and Preparing The Material

Cutting Out The Pattern

Pinning The Pattern
Cutting Out The Material, Now It's Time To Sew
Sewing The Overalls
The Final Product! Front View.
Back View

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Sara Detrick said...

Sarah! That is so impressive!

Melissa's Thoughts said...

I've been reading your blog just a short time, but I've enjoyed it so much. My grandmother sewed, my mother sewed, but she didn't pass it down because she was forced into it. :( So at 40, I'm trying to learn all of these things now. It's never too late right? :)

Rich and Sarah Christensen said...

Hi Melissa!
Thanks for viewing my blog!
I look forward to visiting your's.
It is NEVER too late to learn something that your heart desires. I am a novice seamstress, but each time I make something, I get a little wiser!
Blessings, Sarah

Shonda said...

I recently started sewing again! I sewed a little bit before my son was born 2 years ago and I hope to make something for my new baby due in May. So excited for you to be a mother. You look gorgeous pregnant!

The A.D.D Crafter said...

Sarah you are incredible! You sew like a pro.

Rich and Sarah Christensen said...

Hi Shonda! Thanks for following me! I look forward to following you. I am due May 7th. When are you due? You might have noticed, I am having a boy, how about you?
I enjoyed your blog!
Blessings, Sarah

Rich and Sarah Christensen said...

Thanks Ria, I am determined to learn.
How are your crafts coming along?

Lynda said...

I'm seriously impressed! I bought a pattern for my little guy but haven't had the nerve to make it yet. I'm kind of scared of patterns, so I generally stick to quilting! It looks amazing! So glad to see that you, Sara D, and I have sewing in common too (besides the USMC)!

Shonda said...

Hi Sarah, I am probably going to have a C-section around May 6. This is my second pregnancy. I didn't know I was pregnant with #2 until I was through my first trimester! Read my story here: Blessings as you journey through pregnancy and beyond! Most incredible journey of life.

Heather said...

So, so cute!!

Summer said...

Great job, Sarah!!! Love the overalls!!

Anonymous said...

That came out so cute! You did an awesome job. Your mom's dress was also beautiful. You have a wonderfully talented family. How nice! Visiting today from your link on Raising Homemakers. Just wanted to say hi.

Mrs. White said...

What a beautiful job! It reminded me of when I used to sew dresses for my little girls. They're not so little anymore, but the memory is precious!

Mrs. White

Jami said...

All the women in my family know how to sew, oh except me. (lol) Someday I will make my mom show me. It scares me a little to start with 4 kids running around. Enjoy reading your blog!

Collette said...

How sweet! Your outfit turned out beautiful! I come from a family of seamstresses, too...although I usually stick with sewing home decor. You're inspiring me to try clothing one of these days... Enjoying your blog! :)