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Friday, December 17, 2010

From High School Sweethearts To Lifetime Lovers

Rich and Sarah Our Story

For all my friends who don't know.I follow a blog called Kelly's Corner Show Us Your Life. Every Friday Kelly does a "Show Us Your Life Friday" activity post for others to share their stories. I loved one of her 'Show Us Your Life" post so much that, I wanted to share it with all of you. It was all about how you met your husband. So here is our story, now I really want to know yours! Please share how you met your significant other!!! :)

My husband Rich and I met during our Senior year of high school. Rich, had just transferred from a neighboring public school to our small private Christian high school. Maranatha High school at that time consisted of all of about 500 to 600 students.

Now, being from a small private school when a new boy enters the scene ALL the girls know about it! I had heard from my friends the summer before our Senior year about this "New Boy" who was on the football team. I hadn't met him yet, and quite frankly wasn't interested in doing so. I had a huge two years running crush on another boy at the school.

So, summer came and went and September arrived. Let me preface this next part of our story by giving some background information. I am from the Pasadena area of California. You know, where they have The Rose Parade every New Year's Day. Anyway, The Rose Parade always has a Rose Queen. I believe most little girls growing up in the Pasadena area hope, and pray that maybe one day they too will wear the Rose Queen crown. Most girls couldn't wait go for Rose Queen tryouts the September of their Senior year of high school.

Well, it was September of my Senior Year 2000. I couldn't wait to go for Rose Queen tryouts. I knew I probably wouldn't make it, but I was excited to go to the annual Rose Queen Ball that is held for all of the finalists. This ball was a "girl ask boy" ball. Like Sadie Hawkins type thing. I knew who I was going to ask. I would ask the "Two year crush" boy. Remember him from earlier. I gathered all my nerve ( which was hard to do) I was a good girl in high school and this was going to be my first date ever! He said YES!!! I was SO excited! My Mom made me a beautiful gown and everything. About a week before the ball, I overheard "the two year crush" boy talking with his friends about how he planned on dumping his girlfriend (from another school). Right before we were set to have our date. I marched right up to him and told him our date was off! Remember, I was a "good girl" I didn't want to start off with a reputation as a home wrecker! I went home from school that night devastated, with my heart crushed!

The next day at school, over by our lockers the "New Guy, and my future husband" Rich who all the girls were talking about approached me. He told me that he overheard what had happened with the other boy, and he thought I was a brave girl who did the right thing by cancelling the date. Rich went on to say that he thought I was the prettiest girl in school, and he would be honored if I would give him the pleasure of going to this Rose Queen Ball with him. I must admit, I was a little overwhelmed by his boldness! I couldn't tell if I liked it or was scared of it ha ha . There he stood in his football uniform, looking so handsome. My night in shining armor, just like a scene from a Judy Bloom novel. I said yes of course and the rest is history!

Rich and I began dating that September 29th 2000 evening of The Rose Queen Ball, and never looked back. We were each others first boyfriend and girlfriend, first kiss, first person to hold hands with. We dated all through college never breaking up, and later married on July 12th 2008 (almost 9 years of dating).

Well , here we are in the year 2010. I have been with my "New Boy" for almost eleven years and we are now expecting our first child in May 2011. In fact we just found out yesterday we are having a beautiful baby boy.

I know the Lord sent Rich to me! This is an example of the Lord saying to me "But my will is always better for you". For all you sweet, beautiful single ladies out there. Hold strong on the word of the Lord. He will bring you your hearts desire! Sometimes, we can only see a tiny portion of the beautiful masterpiece of our life that the Lord wishes to unveil to us. If we only put our life in His hands! I'm a living testimony girls, prince charming's really are out there, the girl does get the guy in the end, no fairy tales about it! Now what's your story ?????

Wishing you all God's perfect peace and will in your life.


Looking back to our Senior year 2000

Our Wedding Day Juky 12, 2008
My Marine and me 2009

Here we are Expecting our first child Christmas 2010


Poekitten said...

That's a great love story! Thanks for sharing and linking up to the Milspouse round up:)

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Oh what a wonderful post of your love story! :o) awesome it is when we put our lives into His hands...My hubby and I have been married for 29 years and am thankful that we are head over heels in the Grace of our faithful Lord! (& we have given thanks in our prayers for the future spouses (...those with the same convictions and faith, love the Lord, real Believers in Christ, supportive emotionally, spiritually and financially, loving, etc...when our girls got older, they would say "Dad! dont forget to say handsome!" haha) for each of our children since they were babies...We are blessed with our first daughter's hubby, thanking and believing for our other daughter and our son's future spouses....on course with their current ones they are dating :o)

Congratulations and all the best for your growing family :o) your updated "baby belly" photos on your sidebar are adorable!

Blessings & Aloha!
...stopping by from the MWRU...hope you get a chance to visit my place :o)