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Monday, December 20, 2010

Share Your best Christmas Memory

Today I am asking my readers to share their BEST Christmas memory with me. I love Christmas and everything that comes with it! Celebrating the birth of our Lord, spending time with family and loved ones, the list could go on forever. As a child I loved that feeling of contentment and pure joy during Christmas. I have so many happy memories of baking Christmas cookies with my Mom and Grandma, decorating the Christmas tree while listening to Christmas Carols. I would have to say that by far my best memories of Christmas are of those times spent with family. Not the presents we received but the quality love, peace and joy that comes from the love of a family. Wishing all of you a blessed and joyful Christmas. Now it's your turn to share! :)
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Christmas with my Mom and Dad
Me with my Momma one Christmas
Christmas at my Uncle and Aunts with my cousin Marissa
One year my Grandpa made all of us girls cradles for our baby dolls !


Anonymous said...

My best Christmas memory!
I have 3 of them:
1. When I was small, we knew of a family who's mom had died and it was the father, his 3 kids and the Grandmother who all lived together. I was looking through the Sears catalogue telling my mother "What I wanted" my mom asked me if I ever thought of anyone else but myself. Honestly I hadn't much at age 7. I answered "No, not too much" she said , "Today we will give a family everything we wish for ourselves" and we did. We took cookies, clothes,a Ham, dolls and tinker toys to this famiy oh yes, and books too. Mamma said you can go anywhere out of yourself with books!
To see the joy on their faces will be in my heart forever. As we walked down the street to their house, we sang Christmas carols. That was the day that I truly learned that it is better to give than to receive!

2. Our mother always sewed our Christmas dresses.
One year Aunt Becky and I had matching red velvet hats and white fur muffs for our hands. We had white smocked dresses with Holly Berries embroidered on them, Red princess style woolen coats, Black shiny shoes and Christmas Leotards. As we were walking to church for Midnight Mass, we greeted several neighbors. I remember thinking it was so exciting to be up and out so late at night. When we arrived at church, there was our Daddy and several of his brothers acting as Altar men.(It was a beautiful and unusual sight) When we came home, I got Patty play Pal and metal roller skates with a neat key. We had to go back to bed. We awakened to our stockings filled and a great big breakfast!
3. I had a little daughter who was 8 years old. Her name is Sarah, yes YOU! She received an early Christmas gift of $50.00. Oh for days she told me what she would buy! I think she spent it over and over 10 times in her imagination. I was very involved in her school's PTA. We were trying to arrange Christmas baskets for certain families. I had stuff all over my living room for weeks. YOU complained and wanted YOUR tree put up "TODAY!"
I told you that some children are sad at Christmas because they don't always have money to buy things. YOU said , "You mean they wake up to no toys" I explained that some people wake up like it is just anoter day. You cried and cried and said you wanted to donate your $50.00 to a family, so we did. YOU and I went to a thift store and bought a beautiful tree. I cooked and baked, you made paper chains and angels. We went to K mart and bought great blue light special goodies and stockings for the children. YOU gave me many of your un- opened gifts and Barbie dolls which we wrapped up.
We even bougt a Turkey buy one get one free. We had a great day. I called the people and you asked them to have their children at the park so they would not be embarrassed in case you knew them from school.
As we delivered Christmas, we were invited into the tiny apt. 5 people in one bedroom,a curtain separating the kitchen from the living room. No yard, no decorations except a picture of Jesus. I think I saw the picture smile at you that day. The day my precious cild practiced Christ's Mass. I love you so, and now I hope you will share the true meaning of Christmas with our soon to be little Robert!
Your mother

Summer said...

Oh my goodness, reading the story about 8-year-old you is making me cry!

My favorite Christmas memory is when Kira and I were little and we got to help decorate the Christmas tree. We'd always have Christmas music playing so we could sing along. I remember that we had SO MANY ornaments we used to keep them in those giant boxes that ceiling fans come in! I remember they were Casablanca brand (haha that's how detailed my memory is ha!)! I remember helping string the lights around the tree. We used to have one person (me!) stand in the middle of the staircase, overlooking the living room to catch the lights as the taller person (usually Dad) would do the actual stringing. I remember mom would sort the the gazillion handmade ornaments and then politely suggest where Kira and I put them on the tree. Perhaps my other favorite memory from Christmas is seeing all the cards my mom made and received hanging by ribbons all over the place. I loved looking at them over and over again. I love the feeling of togetherness and anticipation Christmas brings!!