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Friday, March 19, 2010

The Szostaks Visit Pensacola

Some of our dearest friends The Szostaks cam to visit us during the last week of February. Rich and I were both so excited for Katie and Joe to come to Florida! We all became friends last year while the hubbies were at TBS (The Basic School) for the Marine Corps.

The Szostaks along with another dear couple The Rooks became some of out best friends during our almost one year stay in Quantico. I miss them daily! So, as you can imagine the only thing missing during this reunion were The Rooks Family!

Katie and Joe are a hysterically funny, adventurous, fun couple! Whenever we're together we always have a blast! We never just sit down which I LOVE!! Well, maybe just for a bit while Joe and Rich get a quick game of Call of Duty in on XBox..... I digress!

While The Szostaks were here we went to the gym, went out to fun dinners reminiscing about old times, Katie and I got our nails done, went to the movies, the boys played XBox ...sigh, we even went to the range to shoot!! It was just like old times!

One reason I was so excited to have Joe and Katie come was to introduce them to the fabulous friends I have made here in Florida! We had a game night at our house on Friday night where Katie made her famous pizza bread along with Margaritas and a few good games of balderdash and Catch Phrase!

The Szostaks stayed for four fabulous days and we miss them already! I am thankful to the Lord for always providing such wonderful friends in my life. :)


Audra said...

The great things about friends like that is when you finally get back together, it's like you never were apart!

So nice meeting them and we loved Katie's pizza recipe!!!!!

Katie Szostak said...

aw this made me cry! I miss you so much!! And we will always cherish that vacation! and I have a "thank you" but of course haven't mailed it yet! I may just give it to you when we are down in FL again with my family.
We are excited about seeing you in a few weeks! Love you!