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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Welcome To New Orleans !!

Our Tour Guides at Oak Alley

Ahh oak Alley

Beautiful Oak Alley Plantation Home

Me dreaming about sipping sweet tea and living here at Oak Alley

The French Quarter

Me holding up a bottle of cat wine! I thought it was cute!

Excellent food!!

Ahhh New Orleans! There is nothing quite like this fun and historic city. After our fun and memorable almost month long trip home to California. Rich and I flew back to the South. We sadly left our hometown and families in sunny Southern California with wonderful memories of a fabulous Christmas.

On a side note funny story. The night before we left California Rich and I were frantically trying to pack our suitcases full of tons of Christmas presents that we had accumulated from our families. The suitcases were absolutely full!!! Their contents included clothes (even more than we started with because I went shopping during our visit ;), tons of books that we received as Christmas gifts. Included in those books was a huge 4oo page biography on the life of George Washington for Rich, and three large cookbooks for me. We also had a handgun that my Parents gave to Rich along with a statue of a Marine given to Rich by his brother Jeff. Not to mention shoes, my makeup and my hair products ( hair straightener, blow dryer and curling iron) whew, I digress......
So, we spent a good two hours packing every suitcase to the brim (at one point I even had to sit on one of the suitcases just to get it to close while my sweet husband zipped it up) :) . We then weighed each suitcase on my parents scale to make sure it wasn't over the 50 pound limit!!!! We finally had to borrow a third suitcase from my mom. Our bags were packed check, weighed check, carry on completely full with snacks and magazines check. The gun secure in a locked case (which is impossible to find in California on short notice) check. We were ready!!!

The next morning after a great big breakfast that my Mom had made us. We drove to Rich's parents house to pick up his Mom Carla. Carla had offered to drive us to the airport. Once we arrived we said our goodbyes and proudly went over to check in our luggage, grab our boarding passes and be on our way to the South!

Well, before I go into anymore detail on this story let me preface this next part by sharing that Rich and I pride ourselves in being great airline travelers. We usually silently make fun of those passengers who get stopped in the metal detector for not properly packing their bags, or forgetting to take off their belt.

So, there we were standing at the checkpoint of Delta about to go through the metal detector. First up me. I proudly remove my shoes, belt and charm bracelet and walk on through. No beep!! Well of course not. I mean duh my husband is going to be a pilot.

Next up Rich. He walks on through no problem. " We got this baby! " I said to him as I turn to walk away from the conveyor belt and put my boots back on. Just as I turn my back an embarrassingly loud alarm sounds off, the guard asks Rich to step away from the conveyor belt. Oh MY Gosh!!! It can't be us. What do I do?? Immediately I am embarrassed that someone is going to think we are terrorists or something. Oh and yes the thought did cross my mind only for a small second to leave my poor husband and keep walking like I didn't even know him. But, I could never do that! ;)

The guard pulls off Rich's carry on suitcase Which p.s is monstrously huge!!!! This is the one I had to sit on to make it zip shut!! If Rich were Ben stiller in the movie Meet The Parents this would be "The Bag" that was too big to fit in the carry on compartment!! Oh my, couldn't it be another bag I was thinking to myself. Well, the guard unzips the bag and our junk flies out everywhere clothes, books you name it and it probably came flying out of our bag! The guard recognizes my husbands very distinct Marine haircut and starts talking to Rich about being a Marine. So I'm thinkin "good he knows we aren't trying to do anything bad". He then asks to see our Military Id. As he is taking out our stuff from the suitcase (probing every article found in the stupid thing) he pulls out my Sarah Palin book "Going Rogue" and gives me a smile. Then he pulls out Rich's biography on George Washington. Finally, he pulls out the actual problem that set off the detectors. The Marine statue. Rich looks at me, oops I forgot I had even put that in there "sorry hun" I say sheepishly. By now the man is chuckling to himself holding up Sarah Palins' book, Rich's book and the Marine statue. He looks to me and says "Republican?" With a questioning look about him and a big smile on his face. I said "Ya Think!" We all laughed. The man helped us repack our suitcase, thanked Rich for his service and we were on our way!
Well after our slight adventure at the airport in Orange County California we flew to Denver Colorado. In Denver Rich and I had a three hour layover which was accompanied by Mexican food and a Margarita!! Olay! :)

We finally arrived in New Orleans around midnight! We took a scary cab drive over to the hotel, and got a good nights rest for our next day exploring New Orleans!

The next morning Rich and I headed to Bourbon street in New Orleans. We had brunch at a fabulous place called The Court of Two Sisters. Rich's Grandparents and parents have raved about this place for years!! Rich and I just loved the french southern cuisine as well as the jazz band that played while we ate!!

Next, we shopped and toured all around the French Quarters! I had the best time wandering through all of the cooking shops which were just precious!!

Towards the afternoon Rich and I decided to head towards Baton Rouge to go on a Plantation tour! This has always been a dream of mine! We headed out to see the historic Oak Alley plantation. It was gorgeous and everything I thought it would be! Beautiful tall oak trees lined the home on either sited of the walkway. "I truly could live here" I confessed to Rich!! "Hun, can't you just see mie sipping my sweet tea on the porch?" We had some of the best tour guides on this tour who dressed completely in character for the time period.

After our tours of the plantation homes Rich bought me a pineapple welcome sign for our entryway!! I am so excited over this darn sign. It thrills me! I have an obsession with pineapples! One day I want to have a sitting room devoted to Pineapples! ahhh ;)

As the evening approached Rich and I were tired and anxious to get home to our house in Florida! We decided to brave the three hour drive and head back to Milton to our little Maverick! There's no place like home! :)

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