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Monday, March 7, 2016

That's Important To Me...

Good morning! It's Monday... rise and shine! For those of you who have little people in the house under the age of five, are your little one's early risers? Oh my goodness.... my boys DO NOT understand what it means to sleep in!!! My three little guys are up every morning around 6:30 a.m. No joke!!! It is always my goal to be up before all of my boys, including the big one.... my husband. Truth be told, lately, this has been more of a goal of mine than a reality. I find that when Mama is up and ready with breakfast going, before the house, the day runs a little bit smoother!

Seriously, even as I am writing this post this morning, my bed is calling to me!

It is a cool, rainy morning. We are having lightning storms and hail! So right now, my cozy, warm bed is calling my name! Along with three other little guys in this house!

My Little Botanist 

Robbie, our four year old. Has been spending one afternoon a week with his Grandma, Gigi, ( My mom). It honestly is the cutest thing to see how excited my little boy gets at the thought of having his Gigi all to himself for an entire afternoon! 

He loves going to Gig and Grandpa's because they treat him like a little king while he is there, ( like Grandparents are suppose to do, right?). Gigi plays with him, reads to him, cooks with him, shares the Bible with him, but I think what he likes best, is the time they spend together planting and gardening and learning about different plants and seeds in the garden. 

Two weeks ago, they started a little mini session on different kinds of succulents. Now, we live in California, so these types of plants are in abundance and very popular. Gigi takes time to learn about the succulent of the week, share what she has learned with Robbie and then, she lets him pot a plant and bring it home! 

This past week, they learned all about Aloe Vera plants and their wonderful healing properties! 

It is absolutely precious to watch these two together in the garden. 

So I titled this post, "That's Important To Me", in honor of Joey Feek. Are you all familiar with the country duo, Joey and Rory? 

I have loved them for years! They were married and played some of the best and most beautiful country music of our time. 
In 2014, Joey and Rory welcomed the birth of a beautiful baby girl, Indiana, who was born with Down Syndrome.  Later, that same year, Joey was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Joey was a Christian and a wonderful testimony to women everywhere as a wife, mother and woman of God. Joey fought a long battle with cancer and passed away last Friday. Although I know Joey is in heaven with the Lord, which is far better than anything down here on Earth, I have been so saddened by the news of her death! At first, I questioned it, why her? Why someone so good, with a husband and children and a little baby girl who need her so much? I think, in some ways I feel close and relate to Joey, because she had her little baby about a month before I had our twins. I don't even want to think about or imagine how hard it would be to leave behind a child/ children and a husband. 

I have come to peace with the fact that Joey lived a life and a legacy here. Perhaps others will be inspired by who she was. I know there will be many who will come to know Jesus though heir music, her story and their beautiful life and love story. 

All of this did get me thinking... Joey was so young, only forty years old!! I am about to turn thirty three  years old in a little less than a month. As I grow older, I am suddenly starting to realize that I won't be around forever. I think with having children comes some worry about many things  that you have no control over! The solution is not to worry over things that you simply can not control. We must live each day to the fullest and thank the Good Lord for another new day... a chance to praise him, to do his work and to live life with our family and loved ones and to make a difference in their lives. I want to leave a legacy like Joey did. Yes, I know it is hard to lose a loved one, but when we know that they knew Jesus, oh what a *JOY* it is to know that when they pass on, they now know the indescribable joy and peace of walking with Jesus and they no longer know the troubles of this world... what a beautiful thing! 

Please take a moment to watch this video from Francis Chan, one of my favorite Pastors. 

Wow! Wasn't that powerful! 

So as I say goodbye today, I leave you with this, don't live for this world, or for today, live for eternity, give your life to Jesus and know that your future will be taken care of ! 

I also wanted to leave you with my absolute favorite Joey and Rory video. 

Thank you Joey, for leaving a legacy and living a life that was pleasing to the Lord. 

Have a good day friends, see you tomorrow. 

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Anna said...

Welcome back!

I hope you do blog more again. I'm not on Youtube much, so I miss your posts. :)