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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Ahh December...

 We have been having the most perfect December weather. For the past few days it has been gray, cold, rainy, wet and just pure bliss! I love it!!!!
 The kids and I have been snuggled-up in our house all day enjoying our Christmas tree and decorations, reading Christmas books and listening to Christmas songs.
 I have a meatloaf in the oven and the house feels warm and safe... it truly is the most wonderful time of the year! Is it just me, or does this time of year make any of you wish you lived in a Thomas Kinkade painting?  Days like today make me so thankful that I am able to stay at home with my three little men. Rich has been a little MIA this week, his finals start next week and he has been studying at the law library until one in the morning the past few nights. I am supportive of him and know that he is missing us as well... we miss our Daddy :( I'll save you some meatloaf hunny... hurry home!
Jingle Day 2

Our little elf friend made a rather dramatic appearance this morning!

Jingle left another snowflake trail that started at Robbie's bedroom door and lead all the way to our living room. The frosty trail ended with this sign.

Well, do you see Jingle?

 Apparently, Jingle was flying back to our house from the North Pole on this adorable little candy airplane. While trying to fly into our living room window, this little cutie got stuck! He was hanging in our window all night... patiently waiting for Robbie to find him.

When Robbie woke-up, he was thrilled to find Jingle just dangling in our window!

Jingle left a little note for Robbie explaining Patience! Something that we all could use a little more of around here! Patience is often times a hard concept for a three year old to grasp. Jingle told Robbie that for the entire day, Robbie and Mommy were to practice the virtue of patience. We read a little story about patience from Robbie's Christmas prayer book.

Thank you Jingle for being so patient today and helping us remember what it means to be patient.

 We can't wait for tomorrow Jingle!

25 Nights of Christmas Movies

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Last night was our first movie for our 25 nights of Christmas movies.
Robbie begged to watch ...
 This was the first year we have watched this and Robbie really grasped the concept of giving to others and not being a selfish person.
That's all she wrote.


Susanne said...

There is a great song for kids about being patient. It is called Have Patience and is about Herbert the snail. We sing it all the time at my school.

Anonymous said...

This is Gi Gi, the grandma! Thanks for the info on the song. I'll look for it.