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Friday, November 28, 2014

Blessed & Thankful...

Did you all have a nice Thanksgiving? Did you get to spend the special thankful day with family, friends and loved ones? Are you out Black Friday shopping, or are you just TOO stuffed to move from all of the festivities and EATING from yesterday? I definitely fall into the later category!!!

We had a very lovely Thanksgiving at our home. Rich and I hosted and were blessed to spend the day with my parents, Rich's parents and his brother, Uncle Ken, my sweet Aunt Becky and of course, all three of our babies! We had quite a feast....a 23 pound turkey and 13 pound ham, my cheesy mashed potatoes, homemade stuffing, Gig's sweet potatoes, green bean casserole my corn pudding casserole lots of wine and my two homemade Dutch Apple Crumble and Pecan Pie and Gigi's amazing Pumpkin pie. Oh my goodness, just writing out our menu, I think I may have put on a pound haha! I will be honest, I didn't get tons of pictures, (as I usually do), because I was enjoying my evening too much ha! We had great conversation! My Mom and Mother In-law and I all three enjoyed chatting while passing around babies. The men watched football in our family room, and Rich was so happy to break in our new 60 inch! Aunt Becky and Robbie played trains, cars and Fireman and the day was good and just exactly what it was suppose to be ... spending the day enjoying those we are thankful for! Thank you Lord for all of our many blessings and gifts, we thank you with a humble heart for our beautiful family, food and warm house. As I looked around our dinner table, I was thinking how our family has grown and how last Thanksgiving we didn't have our little twins yet, boy what a difference a year makes. God is good!
Here is Robbie helping me with the mashed potatoes, he is such an awesome little helper!
Thank you Gigi for decorating such an exquisite Thanksgiving Day table!

Good food!

Great family!

A wonderful night!

All month long, Robbie and I have been doing our Thankful Tree and each day writing on the chalkboard in our Kitchen something that we are thankful for. So here is our 2014 Thankful Tree straight from the heart of a certain three year old.

While we are still in the month of November and because I have been a bad bloggy Mama for the past week and not updated, here are a few photos from Gigi's birthday last week!

Gigi and her boys! It took a few outtakes to get this picture and to get everyone looking at the camera at the same time! :)

As you can tell!

Make a wish!

   A very happy birthday to a very good Gigi!!

Well friends, I am so thankful for each of you this Thanksgiving!
I am spending the day putting up our Christmas tree and decorations, listening to Christmas songs and eating leftovers! It's officially Christmas time and the most wonderful time of the year!!! In fact, I do believe a certain little Elf will be coming to our house next week! :)


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