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Monday, July 28, 2014

The Sick Bug

Hello friends! Well I have been absent from my blog for the past week because the sick bug has been an unwelcome visitor here at our house! About two weeks ago, on my husband's birthday, I came down with a bad case of the stomach flu! Since the fifteenth of July we have been battling this bug and passing it throughout the family. Praise God the twins have not been sick! When I first came down with the dreaded stomach flu, I was in no shape to make a birthday for Rich. My mama came to the rescue! Mom came and brought gifts a pie and decorations... bless her. A few days later I was feeling a little better, but I received a call from Rich. Rich said he was at work and vomiting with a fever and bad flu symptoms. Uh oh! I loaded all three kids in the car and took them to my mom's house where I thought they would be safe from this awful flu! Well not more than ten minutes after I had dropped the kids off , my phone rang and my Mom said Robbie was vomiting! Oh no... I turned the car around to pick him up and leave the twins. By the time I got back to my mom's house she was sick and vomiting with a temp of 102. Oh my goodness what a nightmare!!! I took the three children and myself and checked into the Hilton hotel because I didn't want to expose them to Rich or my Mom. It gets worse! My mom calls me at the hotel the next morning to check on me and said that my dad was now ill with the same bug! Really!!! This flu hit us all HARD!!! It really was the sickest I have ever been! Worse than morning sickness while pregnant with the twins! Our pediatrician said this flu is highly contagious and takes a good two weeks to get over! We warned everyone to keep their distance and I have been wearing a mask when feeding, changing the twins.... oh and did I mention Jacob is teething ! Which means lots of crying, chewing and drooling.
Just when I thought the coast was clear and we are finally all over this flu, I just got off the phone this morning with my poor mother in law, Carla who has now been plagued with this awful flu. Carla had been hospitalized this weekend for dehydration due to the flu and a high fever. Both of my in laws have been so sick all weekend and are still ill with this demon flu. Please keep them in your prayers!!! I hope you all stay well dear readers. Take your vitamin C, keep hydrated, get lots of sleep and stay away from this sick bug.
Blessings and Health,


Making the Most of Each Day said...

Making the most of each day: Sorry to hear about your in-laws, Sarah. I wouldn't wish this flu on anyone. I have never had the flu in the Summer before(so unusual)Keep those darlings safe and rest, drink and take your vitamins!!!!

Anna said...

That's awful! I hope everyone feels better soon. This year has been a rough one for stomach bugs!

Carla Irene said...

Thank you for your calls to check on me. You always seem to know when your Mom-in-law needs a bit of cheer. I know how busy it is to be raising 3 young boys and am so blessed by your thoughtfulness.