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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Meanwhile At The Christensen House

Here is a little glimpse into our life this past week.
 Our Day At The Museum

Meet Pudding. :) Don't ask me why he is named pudding, the mind of a three year old is quite complex, ( or he could be named pudding, because the other day Grandpa Ray taught Robbie the phrase, :What's my name? Puddin' Tame, ask me again and I'll tell ya' the same.") Anyhow, our dear friend Auntie Judy gave Pudding to Robbie as a, "Your a big brother gift" when the twins first arrived a few months ago. Auntie Judy made pudding, she knit him herself! Well, since receiving Pudding, Robbie has included him in just about all of our imaginative play activities, grocery store trips, lunch dates and oh, bath time. I guess you could say, Pudding has moved right into our house and now our hearts. I will forever carry these fond memories of Robbie running around the house carrying this little green dinosaur.

Well, as soon as I noticed Robbie expressing an interest in dinosaurs, a little light went off in my head and gave me the idea to make-up homeschool lessons all about dinosaurs for the next few weeks. I quickly started researching all of the different types of dinosaurs. I began explaining to Robbie the difference between a meat eating dinosaur, ( also known as a Carnivore) and a plant eating dinosaur, ( known as an Herbivore). I can't help it ... it is just the teacher in me that jumped on this learning opportunity. My dear, wise friend Roberta once told me that three year olds love learning about dinosaurs! When I taught second grade we did an entire unit study on dinosaurs. Roberta said that three year olds love learning the lengthy, hard to pronounce dinosaur names. The bigger the name the better! Boy, was she right!

On Wednesday evening, just before bed, I told Rich that we really had a teachable opportunity here with Robbie. The fire had been lit and it was now our  job to fuel the fire with knowledge. I asked Rich if we could surprise Robbie the next morning with a trip to The Natural History Museum to look at all the different dinosaur fossils and artifacts. He said yes and so, Thursday morning we set off on an adventure. We all went, the Christensen five, just Mommy, Daddy, Robbie and two little ones!

Our day at the Natural History Museum turned out to be absolutely perfect! The babies stayed awake the whole four hours that we visited. Every time I peeked into their stroller I saw two sets of little eyes, big and bright just looking all around. Looking at me, looking at their surroundings and listening to all the sounds! Robbie was big eyed as well! He just soaked-up all the knowledge he could. He loved looking at the dinosaur bones, which we explained to him were like a puzzle that paleontologists put back together.

We also enjoyed walking through the Butterfly Pavilion and observing all of the beautifully colored friendly little butterflies!

After we packed-up and left the museum, we walked right across the street. We decided it would be fun to take Robbie onto a college campus for the first time and tell him what college is all about. So, why not start at the very best.... USC ( University of Southern California) Fight On!!! Ha ha we might be a little biased because we are huge USC fans!!

Below is a picture of Robbie meeting Tommy Trojan for the very first time!

 We also took Robbie into the university library. He was amazed at how large it was and how many books they had!

 Here is a picture of Rich and Robbie walking up the library steps together at USC. Maybe one day we will be walking Robbie up these very steps as a student here at the school. :)

 After leaving USC, we loaded all the kids in the car and pretty much before we had even left the parking structure, this was our view from the front seat! Yep, all three babies sleeping and dreaming of a very fun day!

Big Brother

I am so proud of my boy! Robbie is the best big brother! He loves his babies and helps me with feedings, diaper changes and singing lullabies. :)
Below is a video of Robbie when he first found out he was going to become a big brother!

Feeding Jake above and Joey below.

Here is a video I took this evening of Robbie singing his burp song to baby Jacob. Which he made-up all on his own.

Speaking of the twins, they are officially three months old as of yesterday, June 11th!
I will have to post their two month and three month photos soon.

Here is Jacob
Here is Joey

Robbie has been working on more letters, numbers and cutting skills. We have also been having tons of fun with play dough and bedroom camping in his tent!

Life is good, life is full and life is very busy ... but, I wouldn't have it any other way!

 I saw this sign the other day and now I am afraid I must make one!
In this house we do second chances, we do Grace, we do mistakes, we do real, we do I'm sorry's, we do loud really well, we do hugs, we do love, we do family.
Let's see , what else is new...
Well, I am in love with this little tote that I found on Pinterest and I simply must find a pattern to make one!

I just started reading this book...
product image
Miriam's Kitchen is the story of one modern day woman's journey back in time to orthodox Sabbath keeping. I am so excited to continue reading this book. Very interesting!

Well friends, my writings have come to an end for the evening. Rich rented Great Expectations for me tonight from Redbox.


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Love my our boys, God is generous! The tote is cute. I will make one tonight. You don't need a pattern, just print it and examine- it is basic. Love you! Mom (Gi Gi)