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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Our Easter Sunday

He is Risen Indeed!! Hallelujah!
We enjoyed a beautiful Easter Sunday with our new little family of five!
Below is a photo of my four handsome guys! I was so excited to find matching Easter outfits for all three of my babies! This was the best picture we were able to get after many attempts. In each of the photos we took, someone was either not smiling, or squinting from the sun or crying! ha ha !
 Look at how Jake and Joey have their little hands raised-up to heaven! ;)
We started off our Easter morning by meeting our friends, The Adams at church. It was Robbie's first time attending Sunday School and his first time staying with someone other than Mommy, Daddy or Gigi. I was concerned that he might not want to stay and that he would miss me. Boy was I wrong... quite the opposite in fact! As soon as Robbie saw the adorable little Sunday School room and his  little friend Paige, he said; "bye Mommy!" with great enthusiasm I might add .
He took of running and never looked back! :)
Below is a picture of Robbie and Paige right after Sunday School .

Here is a photo of  my friend Amanda and little miss Paige.

Later, after naps, a bike ride and just before dinner, the Easter Bunny stopped by our house! When we returned from taking Robbie on his bike, this was waiting for him in our living room!

So exciting!
Here I am with my Robbie opening his Easter basket while wearing baby Jacob!

I am so happy to have our family safe, healthy and all together!
God is so good and I am so eternally grateful for all He has given to me!

   Pure joy!

Here is a photo of Robbie playing with a wind-up toy bunny from Gigi!

The Easter Bunny also brought each of the babies a bunny of their own!

Just before dinner it was time for the Easter egg hunt!
Robbie had a blast searching for eggs in our front yard!

Wow!! Look at all those eggs!!!
It gives me such joy to see these photos of my little man and know that next year I will have three little boys searching for Easter eggs in our front yard!! :)
I hope you all enjoyed your Easter and spent the day rejoicing in the Lord, for He Has Risen!!

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Anna said...

Beautiful Easter pics! Looks like you all are adjusting well to being a family of 5! :)

If you get a chance, please stop by the blog today. I'm hosting a new blog hop, "Social Media on Saturday." Be sure to check it out! :)