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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Yarn Along and Thoughts To Fill My Afternoon

It is a beautiful winter afternoon, the leaves in the tree outside my window are dancing along the windowsill, my sweet pea is napping and I am enjoying this time to write out my thoughts. 

This morning, Robbie and I made a little over a dozen pink lemonade cupcakes to celebrate hearts and valentines day and just because ... sometimes it is nice to just bake. I am now on my ninth week of bed rest with this twin pregnancy and this morning, I had had enough and so... we made cupcakes. Then it was right back to the couch for me. 

This is my first ever Yarn Along link-up post. I certainly am what you would consider to be a novice knitter. I am a long time crocheter, but a newbie to the world of knitting. My Mother has become quite good at knitting and she already is a master crocheter. She has been spending these cold nights knitting the most adorable little beanies for the twins. They are just precious and I will post a photo of them as soon as they are complete. 

I am staring to work on a knit throw for my family room. Our colors are greens, rusts/ reds, chocolate brown and cream. It is my goal to knit several large comfy throw blankets to tie the room together.  I love getting snugly and cozy, wrapping myself-up in a chunky knit blanket while reading a good book or watching a movie. A few years ago, I started reading this book and then, life got in the way and I sat it down for a bit and now that I am truly enjoying knitting, I am having fun with this quick read. 

Party Planning 

I have just started planning Robbie's 3rd Birthday party this week. When I say planning, I mean I am currently pinning away on Pinterest anything and everything I can find related to Fireman birthdays. Yes, it has been decided by my little 33 month old, ( yes, Robbie is 33 months as of today) that he will have a Fireman themed birthday party. With twins on the way very soon and the thought of having two two-month old babies by the time May 5th rolls around for Robbie's birthday, I better collect my ideas now! 

Well that is all for today friends... my little guy just woke and now it is time to eat one of our delicious cupcakes! 


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