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Sunday, February 2, 2014

This and That ...

I have taken a little break from blogging these past few days. Just resting and spending time with my little 
guy! We have been enjoying this cooler weather, and the fact that it FINALLY feels like winter around here!  The photo above was taken this afternoon. It was a rainy, dark, cold Sunday and Robbie took full advantage by getting cozy in his winter clothes and reading with Gigi!

My Little Pirate 

Did I mention that Robbie received a Jake and The Never Land Pirates DVD from a certain Fairy Auntie on Friday? The DVD also came with a blow-up pirate sword!
 Can you guess what we have been playing lately... PIRATES! 

This morning after breakfast, Robbie announced that he would like to dress-up as a super-hero next Halloween. We asked him what super-hero he would like to be, and in a very proud voice he said, "Moses!".
Ha ha, this kid cracks me up! We will see what October brings. 

Everything Hearts 

 It is February and we are celebrating all things hearts with a different craft activity each day!

Gigi came-up with a fun little heart making project for Robbie and they turned out pretty cute! 
These will go on his Valentines this year!

Silent Reading Time

We also have started a Silent Reading time every afternoon before nap. We play classical music. I set a timer for 20 minutes, hand Robbie about ten books, and Robbie, Gigi and I, all sit and read our individual books quietly to ourselves. I love this time of day because it settles down my little man just before his nap and it also gives my two little growing babies the chance to be surrounded by music!

Maternity Ward Tour

This afternoon, Rich and I went on the maternity ward tour at the hospital where I will be giving birth to my twins. I have the BEST husband ever... how many guys would willingly give up watching the Super Bowl to go on a tour of a maternity ward? Ha ha!  Not to mention pushing their very heavy wife, ( plus two baby boys) around the hospital for an hour and a half! The tour is only held twice a month. The next tour isn't until the last day of February. Because I am now 31 weeks and 3 days pregnant, we figured today's hospital tour was probably our last chance before the twins arrival! The hospital rooms are beautiful... very private, with a stage three NICU, ( which I really hope we don't have to use, but it is very comforting knowing it is available if need be.)

Speaking of my twins and pregnancy, we had an appointment with my OB on Friday. The twins looked great!! Praise Jesus! Joey was weighing in at 4 lbs 2oz. and Jake was just about 4 lbs!! Both babies are measuring 32 weeks and are one week ahead of schedule, but I am still just going to go by the calendar and say I am a little over 31 weeks pregnant.

I missed posting a 30 week picture, but here is a comparison of me at 30 weeks with Robbie on the left and in the middle, me at 31 weeks with Robbie and finally, on the far right, me at 31 weeks 4 days with the twins.

Next week is 32 weeks, which means we will have hit another HUGE milestone in the pregnancy! One baby is still breach, while the other is head down. My doctor informed me that if for some reason they are both head down at delivery, it might be possible for me to try and have a natural birth, however she still recommends the C-section. I want what God wants... it is in His hands, ( The Ultimate Physician) .

Here is a Tentative Timetable concerning births of twins or multiples: 

  • The first major milestone is 24 weeks: the threshold of viability. Babies born this early will likely spend at least three months in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), and a third of them will survive with no long-term problems. CHECK For US! 
  • The second milestone is 28 weeks, when viability skyrockets. Ninety percent of babies who make it to this stage of gestation survive. Long-term complications — including cerebral palsy, vision and breathing problems — are still a possibility, however. CHECK For US! 
  • The next milestone is 32 to 34 weeks. Babies born now generally have an excellent chance of survival, without any major long-term complications, though they might not have full lung maturity (which generally occurs between 33 and 37 weeks) and will need to spend time in the NICU.  Some babies born at this stage may require oxygen to help them breathe, while others may need to be fed through a nasogastric tube (which runs through the nose into the stomach). “Super-twins” (triplets or more) almost always spend time in a NICU, but if you can get past that 32-week mark, chances are excellent that the babies will be healthy.  ALMOST THERE!! 
Each baby is the size of a Pineapple... 

... So, how am I feeling at 31 weeks??? Very BLESSED and HUGE!!!  Here is the good, the bad and the ugly of a twin pregnancy at 31 weeks! Let's start with the good. I am extremely honored that God chose me to house these babies for the past 8 months. I am so incredibly humbled that the Lord chose Rich and me to be the parents of three wonderful boys!  I feel so blessed to have made it this far in the pregnancy and to have fought through the pre-term labor complications. Okay, now for the bad and the ugly... I constantly feel someone kicking, squirming , moving or doing what feels like somersaults! All good things for a mama to feel, but can make life a little uncomfortable at times! I have horrendous heartburn morning, noon and night no matter what I eat or drink... even after drinking a glass of water. My ankles swell when I move or stand too long. It is very uncomfortable to sleep at night and the Braxton- Hicks are in full force now... so much so, that they actually take my breath away at times... much like a true contraction. 
I have resigned to the fact that I will just be uncomfortable for the next 6 weeks or so, and that it is worth it all to have two healthy baby boys as the final outcome! I have to admit, it is uncomfortable and scary at times, but TRULY, I would have another twin pregnancy again in a heartbeat! I have a sweet friend, Tara who mentioned something on Face book the other day about having three children , which is just the minimum for her... I love that and couldn't agree more Tara! If the Lord is willing and this body of mine will allow me to... Rich and I would be thrilled to have more babies in the future! 

Well, enough for tonight friends! 

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