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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Our Long Weekend

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day! We had a quiet, but pleasant day! I had my 33 week check-up for the twins and I am proud to say I have over 9 POUNDS of baby in my tummy!!! This was based on the doctors estimate.We will get exact measurements of each baby this coming week when I have another anatomy scan and Non-stress test. Rich's mom, Grandma Carla went with us to the doctor appointment. We really wanted her to be able to see the babies on the ultrasound. Gigi babysat Robbie. 

Later, Robbie was so excited to have Grandma Carla over for lunch and to show her how well he rides his tricycle! Gigi helped Robbie make a beautiful necklace for Grandma Carla.

We bought pizza and a huge Antipasto salad from one of my favorite little Italian restaurants! Yummy! 

Above, is the heart necklace which Robbie and Gi Gi made for Grandma Carla. They used crayola model-magic clay and pushed the clay into heart shaped ice cube trays, let them air-dry for four days, and then 
Gi Gi painted and varnished them. They made one for Aunt Becky and me, also! Even though Grandma Carla was wearing a green necklace, she put on Robbie's necklace which pleased him greatly.

Gigi and Robbie had the house decorated so beautifully for Valentine's Day! Here are a few photos of Gigi's living room.

This little guy insisted on posing in this photo of what was suppose to be of the dining room table. :) 

This Kewpie doll belonged to Robbie's great grandma, Helen Sieverling. We are happy to display her each year because cupid reminds us of Kewpies, which remind us of Valentine's Day.

This french Bru doll is waiting for her beau!

My mom received this beautiful Hankie in the mail from one of her friends. She just loves it! And there is a picture of Aunt Becky's heart necklace in the little box above.

Robbie punched out paper hearts which Gigi hung on her chandelier.

And below is my necklace!


Robbie bought Daddy two of his favorite treats! 

Daddy and I gave Robbie a new pair of light-up Elmo shoes! 

Robbie has been wearing them almost everyday since! 

We also got Robbie this Franklin movie. 

Later, in the evening, Aunt Becky came for dinner. Robbie and Gigi made a beautiful heart necklace for her as well and guess who was so excited to give it to his Auntie? 

Saturday & Sunday 

Saturday and Sunday were spent working on our house, well not so much for me, but for the rest of my family! The focus this weekend was on the Master/ main bathroom. Our bathroom floor tile is all in, and the attention this weekend was focused on putting in the Wainscot bead board coating. 

Our Sunday Night False Alarm Fiasco 

I spent most of Sunday watching Robbie play in the backyard as he very eagerly helped Gigi load and unload rocks for Gigi's garden. My little man was such a good helper. He carefully placed each rock into his wagon and then schlepped his wagon load from the front yard, down the drive all the way to Gigi's garden in the backyard where he then washed the rocks and helped place them all around. I will say, this is an excellent way to wear out a two and a half year old boy, he slept beautifully that night from 7:15 p.m until 9:00 a.m the next morning! I, on the other hand was not so fortunate. After an evening of watching Downton Abbey, knitting and SO much movement. I know exactly who it was... it was Jacob really giving my tummy a workout with each toss, turn, punch and kick. Jacob is Baby B and has been breach, so perhaps this was his turning debut! I went to bed to try and get some sleep. At 3:00 in the morning, I found myself waking-up everyone in the house with those famous words, " I think this is it, I think these babies are coming tonight." I woke-up with the WORST lower back pain I have ever had along with major Braxton Hicks!!! My contractions were still pretty sporadic one every 13 minutes, then 8 minutes. I really thought these babies were on their way at 33 weeks! I called my doctor and filled her in on my situation. I was told to drink a bunch of water, take a warm shower and lay on my left side and count my contractions for an hour. If I had more contractions within the hour that were seven minutes apart, I was told to go to the hospital and get checked-in. Well, luckily the warm shower, water and support of the family helped. We were all up until morning and I was still having the contractions, but they were coming within much larger intervals of time. My back pain subsided, and I was able to fall asleep, finally. So, false alarm on my part! I really was a little silly and embarrassed . I never thought I would be that crazy pregnant lady who riles everyone up for weeks with false labor alarms. Ha! especially with this being my second pregnancy, I should know what labor feels like right? Well, my doctor assured me that with a twin or multiple pregnancy, especially toward the end, this exact false labor scare happens quite often.Whew! I feel better now and not so silly . :) Here's praying I keep these little boys in my tummy for another two to three weeks without anymore false labor scares! :) 

In Other News!! 

 This little guy finally committed to doing # 2's on the potty! 
This story I am sure is too much information and one day my son will be mortified that I shared this publicly... but I am so proud of my little man! 

We had promised Robbie that once he asked to do a poopie on the toilet and told us when he had to go, that we would buy him this Jake and  The Never land Pirate Ship that he has been wanting since this past summer. Sunday night was the big night that Robbie came running in and informed me that he had to do a # 2 on the toilet right away. So Monday morning, Daddy bought him his pirate ship! Robbie has been going potty on the toilet for almost a year. Our rule with the pirate ship for now, is that Robbie can play with it only after he does a poopie on the toilet.

Happy Birthday Grandpa! 

Monday was Grandpa Ray's 63rd birthday! Robbie was so impressed that, "Grandpa had such a big number!" Robbie,Grandpa and Daddy spent the day at the park. Later, in the evening, Gigi made Grandpa's favorite taco and Spanish rice dinner complete with Banana Cream pie for dessert!

"When can we blow out the candles?" asked Robbie.

" I love you, Grandpa. Can I blow out the candles with you?"

They did a great job!

Now, it's time for pie!! 

Same & Different 

Robbie challenges himself with identifying things that are the same and different. Becoming aware of details, is a wonderful concept in many aspects of life: listening skills, visual skills, detailing skills, accuracy, and so many more.

This morning , we worked on the concept of same and different during our home lesson time. 
Lately, I have been making Robbie's lunch sandwiches into shapes, because we are learning all about shapes. Today's shape was a heart in the form of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich! 

We are really enjoying our "school time" After our lessons, Robbie likes to watch "that cowboy lady" the Pioneer Woman show with Gigi. 

Have a wonderful day friends! 

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