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Sunday, February 23, 2014

34 Weeks With My Twins

Okay, I was really a slacker the last few weeks and didn't get a photo up of me at 32 or 33 weeks pregnant with my twins! As of today, I am now 34 weeks and 3 days into this pregnancy! Yay!!!! Making it to 34 weeks with twins is another HUGE milestone for us! Now, I am just taking it week by week and PRAYING and oh, so THANKFUL for each additional week that these little boys stay cooking! Come on 35 weeks!

My doctors have promised me that if I don't go into labor naturally on my own in the next three weeks, that we will schedule a c-section sometime between the 10th and 17th of March. So, if at all possible for me to hold off on having these little guys until mid March, you can bet I will schedule their birthday to be on
St. Patty's Day!

I would love to have St. Patrick's Day Babies to add to the mix of this April Fool's Day Mama and Cinco De Mayo Brother !! Even if they come before then, I think I MUST make two of those adorable hats for them to wear!

We found out on Thursday that the babies are measuring well! Each baby is still weighing in and measuring as if they were a singleton pregnancy. The babies now weigh 5 lbs. 6 oz. and 5 lbs. 1 oz.! My cervix is back up to 2 cm and I have been told I can start slowly easing off of the bed rest! YAY!!! Still no driving or lifting Robbie but that is okay with me. I am just pleased as punch to be able to get-up, walk around and watch my little boy play and enjoy being 2 years old.

Each baby is now the size of a large cantaloupe.

How am I feeling? BIG, tired... oh so tired all the time, out of breath, swollen and itchy/tight on my belly.
I often look down at my very large tummy throughout the day and wonder how on earth the skin on my tummy could possibly stretch anymore than it already has? According to my doctor, I still have plenty of room in this tummy of mine for these twins to continue to grow big and strong. The doctor said I am a good baby making machine haha! Thank you God, I know it is an answered prayer that these little twins have stayed in as long as they have!

Somebody sent me the above saying in an e-mail and I love it because it really does show just how majestic our Lord is to make a woman's body so well equipped for bringing new life into the world!

I have been craving water and fruit like mad... pretty much everything I eat now gives me heartburn. Hours spent sleeping are now almost non-existent, because I get up so often throughout the night to use the restroom/adjust a baby. I am most comfortable now sleeping in an recliner chair.

As Cute As A Bug's Ear Around Here...

We are really going to town on the boys nursery! I changed the theme of the nursery on my Mom at the last minute, ( like yesterday last minute). I was doing two peas in a pod as the theme and then I fell in love with the idea of doing a bug theme room ...cute little caterpillars, bumble bees, lady bugs, grasshoppers. This way I can incorporate some brighter primary colors. Gigi stayed-up very late last night making a quilt for the daybed that is in the twins room and now she is working on a rag quilt for the crib. I am working on sanding, priming and painting the letters for the boy's names that will go above their crib. My Mom also painted these adorable little cabinets and this cute frame to go on a shelf in the boy's room.
Here are the
wall letters I have been painting to put up above the boy's crib.

Can you see my tummy creeping into the picture along with Little Bear, my Mom's cat? :) 

My mom decorated and painted this adorable little birdhouse to hang in my bathroom. 

Before I go for the day... this morning, when we woke-up, I noticed that the sun was shining in onto the ceiling and made this perfect heart above our bed. Just something sweet to share.

Happy Sunday To You All!



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bella said...

I am so happy for you that your twins are growing so big and doing so well. What a blessing. I am continuing in praying for all of you.