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Friday, November 8, 2013

Do You Elf ? Thinking Ahead About Christmas Traditions ...

Do you Elf ? Elf On The Shelf that is! I have been bitten by the Christmas bug in my planning and ideas for celebrating the Christmas season, my husband's favorite time of year! We have a rule in our house, ( actually, it is Rich's rule, because I would do this all year long if I could.) We don't start playing Christmas Carols until Thanksgiving, that way we keep it special. Well, you can bet I have all of my Christmas music selections ready to go on Pandora!

Let's get back to Elf On The Shelf and my reason for bringing it up in the first place. I am so excited to start so many new Christmas traditions with Robbie this year. We did a few traditions last year, like baking cookies, making Tamales, drinking hot cocoa by the fireside, looking at Christmas lights etc... but this year he is old enough to appreciate and understand some new holiday traditions.

My Mom has a dear friend named Liz. Liz has been mom's friend since they were in fifth grade.I have pictures of both of them in pig-tales and Catholic School uniforms. :)

Above is a picture of Liz and my Mom when they were 16 years old. My Mom made both of their dresses. :) 

Below is a picture of Liz and my Mom from a few years ago at Christmas. 

 Liz has the coolest tradition of placing Christmas PJ's on all of her children's beds on Christmas Eve. She tries to keep the pattern to a theme. Liz also sends a Drummer Boy Christmas card every year. She said her family gathers around the Manger on Christmas morning and sings Happy Birthday to Jesus.

 They are a very close family. Liz's husband has been surviving cancer for quite a few years. I believe that God, and all of his family's love keeps him alive. I just know that they will be having a very thankful Thanksgiving and a wonderful Christmas! I am fond of Liz because she was born in England and she loves a cup of tea, as I do too!

Here is a picture of Liz with her beautiful family, she has three grown girls and a boy, and now two precious grand children. 

Call me partial, but I have always thought my mom is the best at creating holiday traditions and lasting memories... well, Liz is definitely one of the best at doing this as well!

Elf On The Shelf 25 days of Christmas 

This mischievous little guy will be joining our family this year!
Check back in December for all of his adventures in the Christensen home this Christmas.

Participate In Operation Christmas Child

I am so excited to start participating in Operation Christmas Child with Robbie this year!
We have already started talking about it and he has been saving his money from completing chores to decorate and pack his own shoe box this year!

Christmas Book Advent

When I was little my Mom always cultivated the joy of reading by having all kinds of Christmas picture and story books on the coffee table during the month of December.
I am selecting our December book list now. We will read one Christmas story each night before bed for 25 nights.

Christmas Eve Surprise Box

What a thrill to find this on Christmas Eve morning!!! Filled with hot cocoa, Christmas movie, and matching Christmas jammies for the whole family!
End the night by reading The story of Jesus' birth out of the Bible.

Host A Cookie Exchange Party

Christmas cookies

Would love to host a cookie exchange party this year! Hope I can make it happen!

Christmas Eve Big Italian Lasagna Dinner 
Lasagna Dinner Branford, CT #Kids #Events

I am such a mixture of so many nationalities: Mexican, German, Italian, English, Scottish, Irish and French.
I would love to start embracing some of my heritage and cook a big Italian Lasagna dinner every Christmas Eve. Save the Turkey and Ham for Christmas Day, and Tamales for New Years Eve !!

My Mom always saw to it that I had a tiny Christmas tree of my own in my bedroom all throughout the month of December. It made me feel so special and I can remember falling asleep to the glow of twinkle lights and feeling so secure!

Candlelight December Dinners

Starting the first night of December, I would love to eat by candlelight for dinner. This helps us remember that Jesus is the light.
We can talk about different ways Jesus has guided us through our spiritual walk. It sparks spiritual engaging conversations even with little ones!

Throw A Jesus Birthday party 

Throwing a Jesus birthday party is a great way to teach the importance of the true meaning of Christmas to little ones! A helpful reminder to us all that Jesus is the reason for the season!

Happy Birthday Jesus Cake 

Meaning behind the colors...

The chocolate layer reminds us that we are sinful.

The red layer reminds us that Jesus shed his blood for our sins.

The white frosting reminds us that Jesus has given us a clean heart.

The green layer reminds us to grow in Christ.

The yellow decorations star reminds us 

The candles remind us Jesus is the Light of the World. 

1 box of white cake mix (or your favorite white cake recipe)
1 box of chocolate cake mix (or your favorite chocolate cake recipe)
Vanilla frosting (I used this recipe but a couple cans of store-bought frosting will do)
food coloring: red, green and yellow
birthday candles
optional: heart candies, yellow star, large red candle

Rose  Parade

Our new house is on the Rose Parade Route in Pasadena Ca. We are so excited because every year the horses, celebrities, news cameras and floats park right outside our door. We are looking forward to having family and friends over on New Year's Eve for Tamales and hot chocolate and then wake-up early and run outside down our street to watch the parade! :)

All of these traditions are important to me. I am sure I will be adding to this list as December approaches. While writing this post, this song by Joey & Rory kept playing in my mind! It is an inspirational song that I would like to live up to! :)


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