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Thursday, October 10, 2013

My Giveaway Winner & A Surprise From Auntie Summer

Yesterday was the final day of my blog giveaway. The winner of the Fall apple harvest painting is one of my dear and loyal readers Letty! 

Letty is such a kind and dear person. Although we have never met face to face, I feel as though we have been friends for years. We have had many e-mails, Facebook chats and phone calls with each other. She is a mom to three beautiful children, two boys and an adorable little girl ( who is just about the same age as Robbie). Letty, you are a beautiful person inside and out with a heart for the Lord! 
Letty said she is planning on placing the painting in her kitchen. Congrats dear friend, I can't wait to see pictures of your new farm style kitchen! 

Our First Rainy Fall Day Of The Year 

We had glorious rain all day yesterday! You can bet I jumped right on the Fall train! I had Bible Study in the morning, so my Mom watched Robbie and they painted pumpkins all morning. After the study, we met up with Rich and my Dad at our house, ( they spent the morning with the electrician trying to figure out our lighting concept). We all jumped in the car and went lamp shopping. 

I love both of these lamps for over the mirror in our guest bath! 

I am simply crazy for anything Mission or Craftsman style. In fact, the majority of our furniture is just that! We are planning out the decor for our guest bath and I would just love something like this!! 

We ended our rainy day yesterday, with my parents, Rich, Robbie and me all going out for a nice warm chick pot pie dinner at Marie Calendars! The perfect Fall meal! Oh, and we couldn't forget to end it all
 with a slice of pumpkin pie! 

Fall Surprise Bag From Auntie Summer 

Well, Auntie Summer must have been feeling the Fall vibe as well, because when we woke up this morning, just look what Robbie found waiting for him on my Mom's front porch...

 Cupcakes, frosting, and treats oh my!! 

We made this adorable, little Fall leaf tree craft kit this morning right after breakfast. 
Thank you Auntie Summer! 

After our craft and nap, we decided it would be a good time to make the cupcakes
that Auntie Summer left.

First, in goes the paper liners... 

Very carefully

Now everything is mixed and ready to pour into the cupcake tins! 

Into the oven they go... oh the anticipation! 

They're done and decorated!!

Thank you Auntie Summer for being the best!!  
You certainly made one little boy very happy!!

Say cupcakes!!

Dig in little man!!

Hope you all have a fun and cozy Thursday!! 




letty said...

thank you Sarah I feel the exact same way about you!! I can't wait to start redecorating and hang that lovely picture in my kitchen!!

Summer said...

Oh my goodness I'm so happy he was so excited!! I hope you guys enjoy them! Love you!