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Monday, August 19, 2013

Things I love ...

My mother and I recently went shopping in South Pasadena. We found a quaint and eclectic Knit shop. I must say, knitting is no longer your grandma's pass time. There were all these women and girls sitting around a huge table sharing and discovering patterns from hats and purses, to dresses and toys and scarves.
 As we entered this shop, my mom noticed a banner pennant hanging in the window. It was done in earth tones and it was very expensive. I had to pull her away from it. At that time, I had just shared my pregnancy news with my mom. We were thinking how perfect banners would be with the baby's name over the crib. Something knitted could not fall on, or hurt a baby. Just perfect!
 That evening, mom's light was on into the late night.
My mother is a fabulous crocheter, but she is not familiar with knitting. She taught herself to knit and pearl. She was determined to knit because she loved the banner. This is what she created and I LOVE, LOVE this!!! She said she is going to embroider the letters WELCOME on the triangle flags.
 She is  selling them!
 She will be having three grandchildren soon, so I will definitely be needing a blue for Robbie, and I will ask for a pink one just in case, or more blue and white ones!

My mom really likes anything shabby chic. She can make something out of almost nothing. She told me that her necklace holder is getting too crowded. We were at a yard sale, and she found this white cupboard for $9.00. She thought it was highly priced, but she said she had a vision of it painted in roses for her guest room. Now, she has a new necklace closet. I want it! If one of my twins is a girl, I'll just say the baby needs it!

We saw a baby dresser in an Antique shop in Mission San Juan Capistrano that was very similar to this little cupboard. It was beautiful and $300.00!! Everything in that shop was roses! Furniture, clothes drapes, jewelry and wallpaper. Everything is coming up roses!

Okay, so here are my Pinterest Picks of the week! 

What a genius idea. A Pinterest favorite of mine! A great way to store children's toys.
I am holding my mama down as I write this. She is saying "Let's go to Home Depot and get some more chalkboard paint, I have a tin can to paint TODAY!!!" LOL!  I'll post what she paints tomorrow.

Fall kitchens ...

This Pinterest kitchen beckons my heart. Fall is my favorite season!

I want to live in this picture. I want to sit and have cider with fried chicken and gravy while I make a Christmas list.
Beautiful Stretchy Dress

I love this dress! It isn't typically my style, yet it speaks to me. It is kind of Bohemian style, yet warm, cozy and Fall-like!

Crates (sold at Michaels), stained and nailed together to make a coffee table.

Finally... I am simply OBSESSED with making this table for our new home!! 
It would look lovely in our family room!! More on that soon...

Happy Monday!!!

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Robin Sieverling said...


How clever is this crate table. I'll make it if you find the crates. Your dad might have some. It would look great with your den decor. I am not familiar with Pinterest, but it looks like it could become habit forming.