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Thursday, August 15, 2013

The BIGGEST Surprise of our LIFE...

Good morning my dear friends and readers! Whew... it has been an amazing past few weeks! 
We found out about three weeks ago that ...

Yes!!! We're expecting!!! 

Not sure if you can tell in this very early ultra sound picture, but ...

I still can't BELIEVE it myself!!! 
We didn't take any kind of fertility drugs and they are not prevalent in either family! 
Thank you Jesus for these blessings!

I started experiencing some light bleeding on Tuesday night. I started to panic and was very worried about the possibility of miscarriage! 
I was visiting my parents. So, Wednesday morning, my Mom, Robbie and I, went to my OB and she insisted on doing an ultra sound. Since I was not expecting to do the first ultra sound for two more weeks, Rich was at work. We went in to hear a heart beat! The doctor warned me at first of the possibility that we may not hear a heartbeat because of the young age of the babies. I am only around 7 weeks. I understood, and as she began the ultrasound she found the baby and it's precious little heartbeat right away!! There it was, flickering away on the screen a perfect 110! 

As the doctor began to show my Mom and I the placenta and the rest of my womb to make sure the one baby was alive and well, she started shouting with joy... Oh MY GOSH!!! There's TWO!!! You're Having TWINS!!! The doctor was in tears, I looked back and my Mom was completely crying at this point thanking Jesus and I was just completely SHOCKED!!! I didn't think twins ran in our family or would ever have been a possibility! Since we married, actually since we started dating, my husband has always said how wonderful it would be if we had twins because we want a big family. I am an only child and I don't want an only child. Rich has said he has always prayed for twins! 

As I looked at my two babies, I just knew God has blessed us with these little lives. I would never normally post a pregnancy announcement quite so early, but my doctor is a Christian as well, and she said now is the time to start praying that both of these little lives stay healthy and intact!! 

The doctor said they both look strong and healthy and the bleeding was just my womb expanding for twins so rapidly! They are Fraternal wins, which means they won't be identical. So they could be a boy and a girl, two boys or two girls. We won't know for a little bit. They are due the first week of April, but the doctor said she will be taking them by c-section in mid-march... who knows maybe I will have two St. Patrick's Day babies to add to my Cinco De Mayo and April Fools Day family! I have been sick non-stop, 24 hours a day morning sickness for over a month!! That's okay because I know now that I am carrying two little lives! 

I humbly ask you all to pray for my sweet babies! 
Thank you ! 

Here is a picture of my sweet boy sleeping this week at Gigi's. Children are a blessing!! 

I just can't get over how fast they grow! 
Here he is sleeping at 3 months old. 


Heather Eberhart said...

Congrats! We had a similar surprise on mothers day, except we are having triplets! Keep those babies safe :-)

Unknown said...

Ahhhhh I am one EXCITED auntie!!!!!! Love you guys so much!

Summer said...

sorry, that was me again :) Summer

Rich and Sarah Christensen said...

ha ha just call us the phantom dancer and the phantom comment lady! :) Thank you Auntie Summer! All of my babies are so blessed to have you as their Auntie! You are my sister and I love yoU!!! :)

Anna said...

Oh my! How exciting! You and your sweet babies are in my prayers. :)

Rich and Sarah Christensen said...

Thank You Anna!!! :) Would love your prayers! :)

bella said...

How exciting to be having twins!! I will keep you in my prayers for a healthy pregnancy, delivery, and healthy babies.

Kari & Blair said...

I just found your blog through Kelly's Korner. TWINS ARE AMAZING!!!!! Mine are 2 1/2 and we had a surprise as well!!!

I would love to follow you in this journey!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. Just wondering how you would know that the twins are fraternal? Drs. can tell for sure if twins are identical in the womb (share 1 sac) but your babies can still be identical. Having separate sacs and umbilical cords doesn't mean they are fraternal twins. Good luck

Rich and Sarah Christensen said...

Hello Anonymous above,
My doctor has said since the beginning that the twins are fraternal because they are in separate sacs and they have their own separate placentas. I just trust her wisdom. :) Thanks for stopping by! :)

Anonymous said...

It is good to trust your doctor, but you might want to discuss this with her again. Maybe you misunderstood, but identical twins may also have their own placentas and sacs. If you doctor told you that this is the reason they are fraternal, she is wrong. It's nice to trust your doctors wisdom, but, in this case, your doctors wisdom is the opposite of what science will tell you.

Rich and Sarah Christensen said...

Dear Anonymous,
Thank you for the info and heads-up. I have been looking it up and you are correct! :) I have been told at every visit that they are fraternal twins. I will bring this up with my doctor at my next appointment? By the way, are you a physician, or do you have twins of your own? Thanks so much!
Sarah :)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you chose to research fraternal/identical twins. I'm sure you just misunderstood the doctor (which, when you are busy adjusting to the idea of twins or having just seen them on the screen, is easy to do)I did have twins - 9 years ago. My story is not one I would share with a pregnant woman...I will hope and pray that you have a wonderful, long and easy pregnancy resulting in the birth of 2 beautiful, healthy babies