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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Toddler Bedtime Prayer

After dinner, around 6:00 in the evening, we begin our bedtime routine. ( I wish I could say I have been this totally awesome mommy who has been great at following a bedtime routine since Robert's birth... well, I haven't been. The important thing is, I finally have developed a bedtime routine that works for us and we have been consistent with it for the past few months! ) 
At 6:00 p.m Robbie takes his bath in his big yellow rubber ducky. I set his timer for around 7 to 10 minutes, when the timer dings it's time to get out.

 Then it's time to go potty.

( Quick side note, we have taken the next step in our potty training,   or should I say getting acquainted with the potty time. I keep a huge jar of M&M's in the bathroom, Robbie gets one M&M every time he uses the potty, which he is now asking to use about 5 or 6 times a day!! I found this new potty which I ABSOLUTELY love!! 

The Lionheart Potty 

Prince Lionheart weePod Basix

These little potties fit right on the big potty and come in these great colors! We of course chose blue...

I love the soft, cushioned seating surface. It seems to be comfortable and gives a Toddler a sense of security during training time.
  • Built in splash guard
  • Attaches securely with suction cups
  • Easy to remove and wipe clean
  • Stands upright when not in use
and the best part, only $11.70 at Target!! 

Next, we brush those pearly whites, get on Jammie's and choose three books to read in "Mommy's big bed", which is toddler talk for my bed .

After each book has been read and all of the stuffed animals, "Robbie's babies" have been kissed goodnight, it is prayer time. 

If you have never prayed with your child before, I encourage you to start!! Yes, you will have to start the prayer and model it for your child, but in no time, that sweet little toddler will begin to know the prayer time routine and make it his/ her own. 

Robbie loves to ask Jesus to bless all of the people in our family and all of our friends, he goes down his list of people each night... I just love hearing his sweet little voice pronounce each name. 

In Luke 11, one of the disciples asks Jesus how we ought to pray. Jesus gives them what we now call, "The Lord's Prayer". 

Our Father

who art in heaven

hallowed by thy name.
Dear God, you are such a good God. you are  mighty , strong and wise.

Thy kingdom come

Thy will be done

on earth as it is in heaven.
God please make things here on earth the way you want them to be. 

Give us this day our daily bread.
Thank you for giving me food to eat, water to drink, family and friends to play with, a warm  house, and a safe place to sleep.

And forgive us our trespassers

as we forgive those who trespass against us.
please forgive mommy for being impatient ( or whatever Mommy wants to model forgiveness for)and please forgive me if I made any unwise choices today [or if child didn't listen or if child got mad because he/ she didn't get their way]

And lead us not into temptation.
Protect me, God. Keep me safe. Please watch over and bless daddy on the boat ( because my husband is deployed) , mommy, all of his grandparents: Gigi, Bampa, Grandma Carla, Grandpa Ken, and the rest of our family. ( this takes us a while, because we name each person. Then, we name our friends and other people who have asked us for prayer, or even people who we have met during that specific day.

Help me to grow in wisdom and stature like your son Jesus, and help me to love you with all my heart (I point to his heart).  all my soul, (I put my hand flat on his chest), and all my strength, (I do muscle arms with him). 

we love you so much God!Amen. 
which Robbie always says loud and enthusiastically! 
A- men! haha 

I also wanted to share with you a few great new Christian children's Cd's I recently purchased.

My church's bookstore was having a sale today, EVERYTHING was 50 % off!!!
I purchased this wonderful Cd for  $5.00!! 
I have it on continuous play in Robbie's room while he is sleeping.
It has soothing and relaxing hymns, lullabies and praise songs. 

About a month ago, I purchased this Cd from my local Christian book store. I love the Gaither ministry. My little guy dances around the room and sings along with this great, up-lifting praise Cd!! 

Here is Robbie in his toddler bed at Gigi's house tonight. This picture cracks me up, because my husband always sleeps with one foot out, no matter how warm or cold the weather! haha 

Sweet Dreams Friends! 


Carrie Jean said...

You're blog is an inspiration to MilSo's worldwide, which is why you're one of my nominees for the Liebster Award!I've also shared your blog's link on ....Head on over to my blog if you'd like to participate. Have a lovely day!


Sara said...

No thanks.

Rich and Sarah Christensen said...

Dear Carrie Jean!
Thank you so much! I am honored by your comments. I will check out your blog ASAP. I will also investigate the Liebster Award. How exciting. I spell my name; Sarah with an H. I don't know who the imposter, "Sara" is. So many strange people on line these days!
God bless your kindness!
Respectfully, SaraH Christensen

Lauren said...

Thanks for the post! So encouraging! Can't wait to hear my little man pray with us!

Luke said...

Your 'little man' will have no grasp of what he utters when he 'prays'. He says things learned by rote the way that a Cappucine monkey learns to grind an organ. Great harm is done by selfish indoctrination.

Maria said...

How dare you. Prayer works. That little man is washed in the precious blood of our lord Jesus.

Luke said...

No. It is just brainwashing. Had that young man been born in the Middle East, he would have been praying to the also-invisible Allah. Every religion ,and there are hundreds, has an invisible SKY DADDY who supposedly looks after his faithful. Where was he when millions or billions of prayers and pleadings were made at the time of Hitler?

Maria said...

I pray for little Robbie. May he be washed in the blood of Jesus and may he drink the blood of our savior. Pray also to the Blessed Virgin of Guadalupe.

jeff christensen said...

Hi Sarah this is Jeff, your brother in law. I enjoy your blog and am glad that you are active in it again so that I can see the growth of my sweet and adorable nephew. However the comments of some are very bothersome and I have to speak up. @Luke(Which is probably not your real name) are you really this arrogant? Who do you think you are to attempt to block this women's freedom of speech? She is not expressing any extreme radical christian ideology in this blog. Her ideas and teaching to her child are very simple and common. Your hatred however is very confusing to me. You are obviously not a random person who sifts through christian blogs looking for something to dispute. Otherwise this blog would not have caught your attention. To me this seems of a personal nature in which you are to much of a coward to face in real life so you blog stalk and intentionally try to hide your identity afterward. So pathetic. If you can't use your real voice when you see Sarah out in the world than you have no real voice here. Instead the blame of your immature actions gets passed on to undeserving people I.E. my wife. Does that make you feel good about yourself? If so I hope I run into you one day. My judgement will not be so merciful.

Mrs. L said...

You no make threat to Luke,not good idea.

jeff christensen said...

Luke have no backbone, Jeff have no fear. Bad idea for Luke.

jeff christensen said...

Mrs.L...? Don't you mean Mr.Z.S?