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Friday, February 15, 2013

I Love My Valentines

Happy Friday! I feel as if the weeks have just been flying by! I hope you all enjoyed a special Valentine's Day! 

This year, my hubby is deployed . . .

So, rather than feeling sorry for myself that my my love is all the way around the world in a far off land, I decided to enjoy the day with the other love of my life! 

This little guy!

and so, we did . . . 

 We started off the day with a nice, sunny morning walk with Robbie's little car.

I took my mother and Robbie to brunch at Nordstrom's Cafe. I highly recommend it!
The service is excellent and the food is simply delicious!
Robbie is learning public etiquette each time we take him. We visit there often and we just look so forward to the turkey sandwiches.
Mom and Robbie are counting out money while I am ordering a chocolate chip cookie. One cookie feeds all three of us amply.
Nordstrom's soup tastes like your grandmother made it.

This is the most sparkling salad dressing I have ever tasted! It is for sale right there at the Restaurant. They also sell a cookbook of the recipes served there. I plan on purchasing it at our next visit.

Robbie behaved exceptionally well. I think it was because we kept promising him a train ride.

A little train rides around the promenade at the Arcadia mall. A train ticket was $5.00 for 2 adults and Robbie rode for free. There was music playing; songs all pertaining to trains and the conductor rang a bell every so often! People waved at Robbie as we drove by.
 When we arrived back home, this was on our front porch!
Two dozen red roses from my love. What a very exciting and pleasant surprise!
 This card came with the flowers.My heart was singing and weeping all at the same time.
There was also a message in a bottle; a beautiful poem about love. The bottle had rose petals inside with a little sea shell.

 My Captain called me late at night to wish me a Happy Valentine's Day and to see if his gifts arrived. He said he was disappointed that I didn't receive the chocolate covered strawberries. WOW!! something else? Well, I will look forward to them...

 A picture of me and my Valentine with Daddy's roses.

I gave Robbie a singing owl. There is an owl who whoots every single night. It scares Robbie because it is so very loud; near our bedroom window. I am preparing lessons about owls so we can learn everything about them. I was thrilled to find this owl at Vons Pavilions. He sings, "You're the One That I love, whoot whoot whoot!" and his wings flap up and down, really cute! 

 Gi Gi gave Robbie a Care Bears movie, and a red heart balloon. He chased that balloon all day long.

We won't forget you Saint Valentinus !
 You suffered for love, as Christ said, LOVE is His most important command.

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