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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mom's Club Outing

We just got home from a fun morning with friends both old and new! Robbie
and I recently joined the Mom's Club in our city.

I have been so excited and anxious to join the Mom's club. Robbie is finally old enough to interact with, and enjoy the other children. The Mom's Club offers  a variety of events each month, so I am able to choose to attend the activities that best suit our schedule. With some exceptions, the majority of events are offered Mon-Fri during the daytime when stay-at-home moms need the most support.

Play dates

We meet at member's homes or local parks for play dates throughout the month. Play dates are usually open to all ages, but members are welcome to host age-specific play dates

Field Trips

Throughout the year, we plan larger outings to child friendly venues. Past field trips have included the zoo, indoor playgrounds, children's museums, local farms, and the beach. Occasionally these trips take place on Saturdays, when dads can join us too!

MOMS' Night Out

Every month we plan a ladies night out; leave the kids at home and enjoy dining at a restaurant, playing games, watching a movie, or having uninterrupted conversation

Discussion Groups

Members volunteer to rotate hosting the monthly discussion group. These are informal discussions related to topics related to motherhood. Some topics have included: Instilling Values, Loving Your Man Through Thick and Thin, Alternative Health Remedies, Eating Healthy, Traveling with Young Kids, and Supplementing School.

Other Activities

Recipe Club -- Themed Family Parties -- Arts & Crafts

Holiday Play dates --Coffee Chats -- Stroller Walks   Today's event was an outing at the local mall. We all met up with our kiddos to play for an hour or so at the mall playground. After play time we went for a fitness walk around the mall.  
My friend Amanda and her little one Paige joined us!

 Peek- A- Boo!!

 It's Robbie!!!

After Mom's Club, Amanda and I enjoyed and Iced Coffee from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and a shopping day with our babies!

We hit-up all my fave shops!!

I also introduced Amanda to Charming Charlie's !!
I believe she is now a fan as well!!

After shopping, we decided it was time to feed the kiddos lunch!
We had a delightful lunch at Red Robin.
Paige and Robbie coloring and waiting patiently for their grilled cheese and french fries! Check out Miss Paige, she is just too adorable for words! Miss Paige is wearing my bracelet, I love that she loves to shop, wear cute sunglasses and try on jewelry!!
A girl after my own heart!


I thought this was just precious! Like myself, Amanda is a believer and she is teaching Paige to pray before meals. We have been working on this with Robbie as well. When we say; "Let's pray" Robbie puts his little hands together to pray. Today, before digging into our yummy lunch, we said; "Okay, let's pray" and both babies grabbed each other's hands and stayed that way until Amanda finished the lunch prayer. This touched my heart! 

An after lunch, play time!

We had so much fun today and now my little guy is fast asleep!


letty said...

That is so AWSOME I wish we had something like that where we live. Those pics with the kiddos holding hands before praying are so,so,so precious, keep doing what you're doing, you're doing a great job :) god bless

Amanda Adams said...

Thank you for such a fun play day with the kiddos! I will never forget our kids praying together =) So precious! I'm so excited to start the mommy & me group with you guys!