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Thursday, July 26, 2012

An Afternoon At Charming Charlie's

I just introduced my mom to a great little costume jewelry store at The Santa Anita Westfield Mall in Arcadia Ca. She is NOT a Mall shopper, but I got her there because I had to go to William Sonoma. My mom makes her own jewelry however, she was like a kid in a candy shop, or a duck in water; she was completely in her element at this store.

Think of every luscious color you can imagine. This place has little corners, vignettes of; say for instance RED. Everything in that corner is red: necklaces, earrings, hats, clothes, scarves, rings, shoes, purses etc... There are sunglasses, eyeglasses, pins and much more for each color under the sun. I wish this place had been available for my Prom or Wedding. Most items are under $20.00!!!!

My mother was so impressed with the hats, she said she remembers wearing hats for the Holidays as a child. We tried on hats and had a blast. I have decided to wear more hats. I hope I can encourage you, my readers to do so also. When I was living back East, I noticed how very feminine the women were. Some of them wore hats and gloves and beautiful shoes to church services. It was a delight watching them.

I love this look for a summer or fall afternoon!

Here is one of my new hats !
Orange seemed to have been THE COLOR OF THE SUMMER! I hope this color continues to be available as we approach fall. Because this little bracelet just found a home in my wardrobe!! :)

Go check out a Charming Charlie if you can find one near you. Just the colors alone will wow your senses! :)

Charming Charlie's are located in the following states. Or, you can log on to to search for a store near you!

Charming Charlie Stores



Chic-Fil-A said...

Put in your oversized mouth all the chicken you can and then Ham it up with photos -- wearing hat.

Carla Irene said...

Sarah, you have always looked so beautiful in hats. Didn't you wear thar one to the tea when mom and I came? We really are going to have to go the kentucky derby together one year; if only to wear our hats :). Love you much, carla