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Friday, April 6, 2012

Robert Is 11 Months Old

That's right . . . yesterday my baby turned 11 months old! Just one more month until you first birthday Robbie!!I have loved and enjoyed this first year with you more than anything. You are such a joy in my life, little one! You are my buddy, my friend, my partner in crime. . . my son.

Robert's 11 Month Stats:

Weight: I will have to guess, around 21 pounds
Height: Again total guess, I will have to wait until his 1 year appt.
Clothing Size: 12 Month to 18 month and everything in between.
Diaper: size 3

You are still a great eater but you are in the "I can do it by myself phase". You love to feed yourself, so I have been allowing  you to do so.

You are still nursing, and Mommy is very proud to have just about made it to a year!!! We won't worry about trying to wean you until after your first birthday,

What You Are Up To:

The BIGGEST and BEST news this month . . . YOU STARTED WALKING, and you haven't stopped!!!!
In fact now you are actually starting to run !!! ha :) You are an adorable little walker. You started walking on St. Patrick's Day, March 17th,  2012 at exactly 10 months and 1 1/2 weeks old.

The walker we bought Robbie. Wouldn't you know, he only used it one day before he got up and started walking for the first time! haha I guess we will save it for the next baby. :)

Mama got a Dyson vacuum and Robbie got a Fisher Price vacuum! This a great little toy, it actually picks up toys, makes vacuum sounds and cured Robbie of his fear of the vacuum noise! It is also a great way to teach chores around the house. It is my mission in parenting to raise a son that will know how to do common household chores, Vacuum, laundry, dishes and some cooking . . . believe me, his wife WILL THANK me one day!!! :)

You love to finger paint, sing and you are now our little gymnast! Mommy and Daddy bought you a tunnel to crawl through and you just adore it!! Yesterday, Grandma Robin bought you a ball pit for Easter and you haven't stopped playing in it! 
Robbie, making a wish with Mommy at Disneyland!

Robbie inspecting the fountain.
 You talk up a storm saying "Mama", "Dada", "Kitty Cat" and "Ball", we think you are starting to say "Dog" and "Baba" as well! But it is all in a baby talk sort of angelic little voice that we just love!
We love you more than words sweet pea! Thank you for blessing our lives!
Exploring your tunnel.

Robbie and the big kid, (Daddy) in the tunnel.

During this past month. Robbie also met Pluto at Disneyland for the first time. Right after this picture was taken, Pluto leaned in for a kiss and Robbie punched him square in the nose!!! Ha, at least we know you are tough . . . no tears from this kiddo!


jet said...

Love your blog... beautiful pics and beautiful writings. Continue to honor the Lord, your father! Blessings!

Carla Irene said...

Love the picture of Richard and Robert in the tunnel! This one is going up on the walls (facebook and my hall).