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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Vinyl Wall Lettering & A Moms On Call Marvelous Monday

It is Sunday evening, and I have found a quick, quiet minute to sit down and put up tomorrow's post. I hope you all had a relaxing weekend. I was feeling kinda crafty this weekend! Above my couch in our living room is a blank area of wall that has been driving me nuts since we moved in... so, I came up with this fun wall art to fill the void. :)

I love working with vinyl lettering. Vinyl sayings spruce up any wall and add a personal touch to your home, creating a warm environment.

This type of lettering can be purchased on-line, at your local craft store, or just about anywhere. This lettering is designed to be applied directly to your wall. Well, being a military wife our life involves moving frequently! I have used this lettering before in previous houses, but sadly I had to leave them on the wall, because there is no way to save the lettering once applied.

This time I decided to go to Home Depot and place my vinyl saying onto plywood. For those of you that do not know, you can find pre-cut lumber scraps in the dollar lumber bin at The Home Depot!! So, I found this cool, rustic scrap of wood for 51 cents!!!

So, I came home, applied a primer and spray paint to the wood. I let the wood dry overnight and then I carefully applied the lettering.

I love my new wall art, I am going to hang it tomorrow and I will post pics soon!

My Mom had bought the vinyl saying for me at Michaels Crafts when they were having a 50 % off sale. She was able to purchase a $20.00 saying for only 10 bucks!

The spray paint was three dollars and I already had primer left over from a previous project.

I also applied a fixture to the back of the wood in order to mount the wood on my wall.

So, the grand total for this project was around $ 13.51!!!!!!! :)

Next, I want to share a website for the Mamas who follow my blog. I have mentioned before that Robbie is sleeping through the night and has been since he was about 3 months old. He is sleeping a full 12 hours!!!! We put him down around 7:00 ish after his bath and he sleeps through the night in his crib, until 7:00 a.m. He is also taking two 2 hour naps a day in his crib!
It is wonderful, I give him a little love time before placing him down for a nap or bed ( while he is sleepy, but still fully awake). He might squirm for a minute or so, but after that he is out like a light, experiencing the most restful slumber!

Moms On Call is a great resource!! I recommend it to all new Moms, Pro-Moms and it is now my go to gift for baby showers! For only around $ 30 you can take an on-line seminar with the wonderful, professional, nurturing creators of Moms On Call. The courses come in different stages 0-3 monhs, 3-6 months and so on... These Moms provide excellent resources,strategies and schedules to help get your baby on the right track to sleeping through the night and developing happy, healthy routines for baby and mama! Please check out their website today!!

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