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Friday, September 9, 2011

Fruitful Friday Reading The Bible In 90 Days

Fruitful Friday

Reading My Bible In 90 Days

Happy Friday! The weekend is here!!! For today's Fruitful Friday post, I wanted to share my Bible reading plan for the next 90 days.

I spent the past week in San Diego with my hubby and our baby. Rich was completing a training course. So, Robbie and I went and enjoyed our days sightseeing in beautiful San Diego. Yesterday, ALL of San Diego County and parts of Orange County experienced a loss of electricity. Rich, Robbie and I were visiting Coronado Island when the power loss first started. We then made our way back to our hotel to find everyone in the streets with an almost lost look on their faces. No use of debit or charge cards. No cell phones, ipads, laptops or use of a Blackberry. No lights. zero electricity!! I think some people were beginning to PANIC.

Rich and I walked into our hotel room to find all of the guests downstairs in the lobby playing cards and reading by candle light. There was no air conditioning because of the loss of power, so people were fanning themselves. Rich and I took Robbie out for a walk on the pier to cool off and get out of a dark/ hot hotel room. When we came back, we put Robbie to bed in his crib and sat there in the dark talking about how people survived before electricity. All of this got me thinking about all the time I waste watching mindless television shows in the evenings, when I could be doing something fruitful... like reading more of my Bible. Don't get me wrong, I believe T.V is fine in moderation. I have just been feeling a personal conviction to spend more time in the word.

So, I have decided to read the entire Bible cover to cover in 90 days. I was inspired with this idea from a friend who told me about a website that creates a scripture reading plan in order for one to completely read the whole Bible in 90 days. I was so excited that I immediately started. Today was my first day. I started at the beginning of Genesis and I have read through chapter 16. The website my friend suggested is I am using this site as a reading plan, but reading it from my Bible. However, with the use of the website you can read the scriptures and follow along on the actual site.

I am so encouraged by this reading plan. I am truly enjoying re-reading the scriptures and passages of our creation as documented in Genesis!

What would you like to share on this Fruitful Friday?

As always, I have to share a pic of my little man! What can I say, I'm beaming with JOY!!!

Here is Robbie just waking up ! :) Happy as can be!



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1 comment:

Amy@ MomsToolbox said...

Hi there!
I am so excited for your decision to read the Bible in 90 will definitely change your life! I host a 90-day read through on my site twice a year, so I have seen the impact onlots of moms. :)
Keep it up girl, you'll be amazed!