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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

We Moved & Now I'm Back

Hello my lovely friends! I have missed you!

I am so sorry I have neglected my blog this past week! My little family moved into our new house this past weekend. My Hubby, Dad, Mom and I worked non-stop the entire weekend!! We are finally moved into our new home and we love it!! I have been busy organizing, decorating, being Mama and so much more this past week. That, plus we didn't have Internet up and running until Sunday ( these are my two excuses for not blogging until today!) :)

We had other BIG news in the Christensen home this past weekend! Robbie rolled over for the first time, YAY!!! Claps for Mr. Robert!!! :)

It was the cutest thing. On Saturday, my parents, Rich and I were all sitting on the floor in my new living room. Exhausted and ferociously eating our Subways sandwiches, we were watching Robbie have his daily afternoon tummy time on the carpet. Robbie propped his little head and shoulders up like always, made a few grunts, started teetering and plunk rolled over from his right side. We all started clapping and yelling Yay!!! Robbie was so excited, that he stared chuckling and smiling! He then propped himself back up and went on to do two more rolls!! I was so proud of my little man, I ran and grabbed my camera. More pics coming soon. It was nice to be able to share this with everyone! I am so happy Rich was home to watch our little guy go!! :)

Moving Day with Rich, Robbie & Grandpa Ray. Thanks Grandma for taking the picture!

Before I go, I am interested in your prayer requests. If you shared one last week, please give me updates on how the Lord is at work. Also, if you have any new requests this week, I would love to pray for you. :)

Tomorrow, we will get back to our regularly scheduled blog program. Meet me here tomorrow for Manners and Etiquette Wednesdays!

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1 comment:

Lisa Maria said...

Hi Sarah.. congratulations on your new home. I hope the Lord blesses it and you have many happy years there.

I wanted to thank you and your family for praying for my brother-in-law and sister-in-law. Thanks to your prayers they have decided to try to save their marriage. They have a hard road ahead of them so they still need all the prayer support they can get, but Praise God they are willing to try.

Thank you again and God bless you and your lovely family.