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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sewing Saturday & Thomas Kinkade

Hello Lovelies!
Happy Sewing Saturday! I hope some of you have enjoyed crafting and working on your beautiful creations this week.

Today, I am sharing my love of art! I love to paint, although I am quite an amateur. I think I inherited this love and I hope some talent, from my Mother's Mom, my Grandma Vera. Grandma Vera was a wonderful and loving grandmother; not only was she a wonderful seamstress, she was also a very gifted and talented artist, her preferred medium was oil. My Mother has definitely inherited this talent, she works with both oil and watercolor and her work is superb!

A year ago or so, my Mom and I went to a gallery in our town to meet Thomas Kinkade. In my opinion, Thomas Kinkade is one of the great American artists of our time. We were fortunate to be able to view his work, meet him, and have him sign our books!

Here I am meeting Mr. Kinkade.

Mr. Kinkade signing my book

Not too long after meeting Mr. Kinkade, I became inspired by his beautiful artwork and decided to try my hand at oil painting. I painted this for my husband, as a graduation gift after his commissioning as an officer in The Marine Corps. The training took place in the Washington D.C area. So, I thought this painting was fitting. It is my rendition of Thomas Kinkade's painting, "America's Pride".

Below is my rendition. This was my first time ever working with oil paint.

Please share what you have created this week!!



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Anonymous said...

Your photo is beautiful!