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Monday, August 8, 2011

Marvelous Monday & 100 Followers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm So Happy Today !!!!!!

A great BIG Thank you to all of my followers!!!!!!!

Today, I reached my goal of...

and it's all because of YOU, my faithful followers!

All 100 of you!!!!

A few weeks ago this blog was at 91 followers. I posted a giveaway challenge to reach 100 followers. Here are the winners of that giveaway! I hope my little blog has blessed & touched your life in some way. Here's hoping for 100 more followers!!!

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# 100. AVON Lady

So please check your name on this list followers # 92-100 and please e-mail me with your address so I can send your prize!!!! My e-mail is

Now that we have taken care of some housekeeping manners, it's time for Marvelous Monday!

First thing on my list...

I am in love with these DVDs!!!! I am not a big advocate of television for babies. However, these DVDs are very well done. They provide beautiful colors, shapes, pictures of objects and children all praising the Lord with inspiring praise and worship music! Each DVD is about 30 minutes. I put one on for Robbie right before his morning nap. I use this as a source for our Bible time. Is sing aloud to each of the songs and Robbie just loves it!!

The Praise baby collection has so many DVDs to choose from including; Christmas, Worship & Praise, Sleepy time praise and so much more!!!! You can purchase these DVDs at any Christian bookstore, Target and Amazon. If you have a baby, you must purchase these today!! They are great from any age up to around 4 years old. : )

Next, I wanted to share this adorable kitchen set my mother in -law gave me as a "just thinking of you gift!". Yesterday, we had dinner at Rich's parent's home along with Rich's grandparents. Carla, Rich's mom, and I were discussing the importance of being a Homemaker. We were talking about how so many young wives and Mothers in my generation have not been taught the skills of basic homemaking and how to run a household.

We both agreed the need for this in our society today! Women should know how valuable they are inside of the home! There is value in knowing how to cook a delicious meal for your husband & family, how to sew on a button, throw a dinner party and so much more.

Carla expressed to me that she has been enjoying my blog and that she appreciates that "my Mother has taught me how to be a homemaker." I was so touched by her kind, sweet words!! I think every daughter in-law would love to hear that from their mother in-law. It's so nice to know that your husband's mother recognizes you as a wife who strives to take care of her son! :)

Then, Carla said she saw this adorable potholder & dishtowel set and thought of me & how I might like to put it in my new kitchen! I just love this set and of course I LOVE that it is pink!!! :)

So, our converstion got me thinking about what it means to be a homemaker???
One of the blogs I follow put up this beautiful acronym of what a homemaker is. I am having this framed and placed in my kitchen.

courtesy of Check this site out today!!!

For those of you both moms who work at home or in the world please give yourselves a GREAT BIG pat on the back. I have worked both outside and inside of the home. I know how challenging it can be. Today I recommend you read Proverbs 31, scriptures on the virtuous woman. The virtuous woman in my opinion is a collaboration of many virtuous women. Look and see which virtues you already attain. :)

Have a Marvelous Monday Dear Friends!!!! Please know that I am praying for all of rhe prayer requests from yesterday's post. :)


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Love this post and thanks for sharing. That was so sweet of her to share that with you!