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Monday, July 25, 2011

Marvelous Monday Is Ketchup Day

Happy Monday!!

Today, I am having a Ketchup Day. Ketchup??? Like the thing you put on hot dogs??? Well, not exactly.... When I was in first grade I had the most wonderful teacher, Mrs. Robertson! Oh, how I loved Mrs. Robertson. She was such a kind, fun and warm teacher. In fact years later when I became a second grade teacher, I did my student teaching in Mrs. Robertson's classroom! Mrs. Robertson is still teaching first grade today!! Back to my story. Every Monday, Mrs. Robertson would have a large Heinz Ketchup bottle on her desk. I can still remember the first week she did this with my class. As we walked in and found our places on the front rug, Mrs. Robertson began to explain that Mondays were Catch-up days. A day for us to finish any work we had not completed during the prior week. The Ketchup bottle was there to remind and keep our little first grade brains on track with what we were suppose to be doing. Well friends, today is my "Ketchup day"!!! Here are some photos and things that have been on my mind for the last few weeks and today I'm blogging about them! :) Love to you all, and happy Monday! Make it a great week and try to do something nice and unexpected for someone else this week!

Happy Birthday Daddy!!

On July 15th, my hubby turned 29 years old! Robert and I (well, mostly me) ;) made this sign for Rich to find hanging on our front door when he came home from work! Rich's parent's had us over for dinner. We love Daddy and we are so glad he had a nice birthday celebration with our family!

Robert and Rich's Dad (Grandpa Ken)!

That same birthday weekend, Rich's Grandparents and Robert's Great Grandparents came to our home for a wonderful visit with our little Robert!c We had such a lovely time walking the streets of downtown San Clemente. Grandma and Grandpa Branch treated us to a fabulous lunch and we took them to see our new house ( which we will be moving into in just about 2 1/2 weeks!!!!) Robert and his Great Grandpa and Grandma Branch .

Later that day, Rich, Robert and I went for a visit at my parent's home. Here is Robert with my Dad (Grandpa Ray) sitting in my parent's backyard.

Robert and my Daddy (Grandpa Ray).

This Past Weekend...

This past weekend, We went to breakfast with my Mom and Dad at a family favorite diner called 2EE's. I had the famous Pasadena breakfast (2 eggs, 2 sausages, potatoes and toast) a weight watcher splurge!!! We had a nice brunch and Robbie took in the sights and sounds of the restaurant!

Robert and my Mom, Robin (Grandma Robbie) :)

On Sunday, Robert met my Uncle Michael ( my Mom's brother) and his family at my cousin's birthday party! I'm SO happy Robert was able to see everyone! We had a fun time catching up and visiting!

Robbie and my Mom's brother ( my Uncle Michael, Robbie's Great Uncle)

Cousin Alaina, (the beautiful girl who took all of these great pictures!)

Robert and his Aunt Linda, who is married to Uncle Michael.

By the end of the night we had one TIRED and HAPPY little boy fast asleep in my arms!!!!

Playtime Today !!!!!!!

Which brings me to my final update. Today, Robert had his Two Month well-baby check-up. Everything looked great height, weight etc... !!! I was a nervous wreck because he had his first round of vaccinations!! :( My Mom went with us for support. Robbie handled it well, and took it like a Marine!! Our pediatrician was telling my Mom and me that at around 3 1/2 or 4 months Robert will start grabbing for objects!

Well, this is what Robbie was up to today at around 11 weeks old. Look at my little man go!!!!!

A Final Thought...

Well Friends, I'm sorry if I overwhelmed you with all things baby! This blog is an archive of our life and I am so absent minded these days that I have to blog everything so I will remember these early years with our little man!

Oh!!!Before I sign off for today, I wanted to share this sweet picture my beautiful and talented cousin Alaina took of our little family ! Alaina is studying to be a Graphic Design Artist and I love her! Alaina is a wonderful photographer! Thanks my sweet cousin!

Love & Blessings to you all!

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