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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Guess Who Is Two Months Old ?

We are going to your two month Well Baby appointment next week. I will update your weight and height stats then. I would guess you weigh somewhere around 12 pounds, give or take a little.

What Is Robert Up To At Two Months?

You love to be held and cuddled!

You have so much fun taking a warm bath.

You are smiling up a storm lately and I just love it! There is no greater joy in my life than when you give me a gummy little smile. It warms my heart and soul!

You are interacting with everyone! You are a little social butterfly.

You love to smile and watch Daddy.

You are starting to recognize when Mommy and Daddy enter the room.

You have started trying to talk to Mommy. When I talk to you or make noises you coo back at me.

You are on a great schedule eating just about every 3 to 4 hours and thank the Lord you are sleeping in your bassinet EVERY night!!!

You have just this week dropped your midnight feeding and can almost sleep through the night. Last night you slept a whole 7 hours!! ( Mommy can be a bit obsessive charting all your feedings, poops, potty and naps) Ha! You will love me anyway I hope! ;)

You love your Binky and suck on it often.

You love to move your arms and legs, and you love tummy time!

Dear Robbie,

You are two months old this week! My how the time does fly bye!! I am enjoying every minute of my life with you. Each day I eagerly wait to see what you will do next! You have no idea how much Mommy LOVES to see you smile. It is the best feeling in the world when I look into your beautiful eyes and you greet me with a beautiful little dimple smile and warm big eyes. I love you my sweet little boy and I thank God for blessing me with you! :) Daddy and I are so rich with blessings!

Blessings & Love,

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