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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fun On The Fourth !!

Hello Friends! I hope you all enjoyed a nice, long weekend filled with friends, family and food! I know we did! Rich and I had a great visit with both sets of parents. On the Fourth of July, we spent the day with my parents. In the morning, we took the baby to his first parade. Every year a neighboring town puts on a fun parade for the Fourth of July. Our friends The McFauls live on the parade route. The McFauls host a parade party each year and this year we were blessed to join them! Rich and I had a wonderful time watching the parade and spending time with our friends. The McFauls have five remarkable children. Mrs. McFaul is super Mom and Mr. McFaul is a wonderful Dad. Rich and I have been richly blessed by their friendship throughout the last few years. We look to them as a model family. :)

Here I am with Kaitlyn, Hannah and Kendra. All former second grade students of mine. :)

Robbie enjoying the parade!

Sweet Kaitlyn holding Robert for the first time!

Below is the Teddy Bear my Mom gave Robert for his first Fourth of July!

Later, after the parade we spent the rest of the afternoon and evening with my parents and my Aunt. My Mom made a wonderful dinner, which included; lemon grilled chicken, her famous potato salad, corn on the cob, watermelon, cornbread and cherry pie!! It was fabulous!! In the later part of the evening we all piled in the car and took Robert to see fireworks for the first time! I'm not sure if he understood what he was watching, but he behaved and couldn't keep his eyes off of the fireworks in the sky! It was so cute to watch him just cooing away. haha

All the yummy food that my Mom made

Robbie Playing with Daddy in the back yard.

All of us with my Dad, Grandpa Ray.

Our little famiy.

On our way to watch the fireworks!

Amazed by the pretty fireworks. :)

The evening ended with a bedtime bath for Robbie and good conversation for the adults. We think Robbie had a very enjoyable first Fourth of July! We are so blessed and thankful to live in our wonderful country. Happy birthday USA!!!!!

Nice and sleepy! Dreaming of his fun day.

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