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Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Link-Up Show Us Your Life

Yay It's Friday! Today I'm linking up with Kelly at Kelly's Korner Blog for her Show US Your Life Friday. Today Kelly asks us " How did you share with your husband and families that you were pregnant?"

So, here is our story!

It was last year 2010 that Rich and I felt the Lord had laid it upon our hearts that it was time to start a family! Rich and I are high school sweethearts. We have always known that we want a big family. We both would love to have four children! Late last Summer, while living in Florida Rich and I started to talk about how much we would love the blessing of a baby. We prayed together about it, asked God for His will, prayed for our future child and put the rest in the hands of the Lord.

Well... it didn't take long for the Lord to answer our prayer. Not even a month later in late August Rich and I were thrilled to find out that we were going to be parents!!! We found out in a rather calm way. I decided to take a pregnancy test in hopes that I might be pregnant and the results were obvious immediately!! Rich and I sat there in our bedroom anxiously waiting for the three minute test to give us a result. We looked at the test together and we were overjoyed!!! I'll never forget the day we saw that little box with a big pink plus sign! I have many girlfriends who have struggled with fertility problems. Rich and I were thankful to have easily become pregnant. I pray for those sweet friends who have had such a hard time, because I know the desire of their heart is to be a Mama.

Since we were living out of state at the time we told my parents over the phone and Rich's parent's over skype! I'm pretty sure everyone was shocked because we didn't let anyone know we were trying to start a family and it happened so quickly.

The next 9 months were wonderful, filled with new excitement and joys! On May 5th, 2011 we finally met our sweet little boy Robert William Christensen! I love this little boy with all my everything! He is the greatest joy and blessing in my life! I love being a Mother and I truly believe it is what the Lord has called me to do! My career is my family and I wouldn't trade it for anything else in the world. I am truly blessed and thankful! :)

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