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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Goodbye Baby Weight !!

It's been almost eight weeks since I had baby Robert and I have been given the official okay from my doctor to start working out again. So friends, today I officially started a diet/ exercise plan to say SAYONARA to those last few pesky pounds of baby weight! I know this is not the most exciting topic of interest, and I am sure you don't care. However, I am blogging about my diet plan/workout routine to first, hold myself accountable and second, to share tips/ information for any new Mamas who might be going through the same challenge. Before baby I loved to go to spin class, walk/ run and do Zumba! Now that I am recovering from a c-section I am hoping that all of these fun ways to exercise are still in the cards for me.

The Goal:

Back Down To My Normal Weight of 124 POUNDS. :)

I am starting off slow. Today Robert and I walked for about an hour at a brisk pace and we covered a distance just shy of three miles. Well, I should say I walked. Robert was passed out before we had even reached the corner of our street. He was so darn cute that I had to take a picture!

My girlfriend Autumn ( a fellow Army wife) just had a baby girl in March of this year. One day, towards the end of my pregnancy this DVD arrived in the mail. Autumn was so kind to have bought me this exercise DVD. I just love it! It's called Postnatal Rescue with Erin O'Brien. The exercises take just 15 minutes a day!

As far as dieting goes I have started Weight Watchers. They have a wonderful , detailed program for mom's who are breastfeeding. Since I am nursing, I want to lose this weight safely. I love Weight Watchers because of the Points System. I find it fun to manipulate and stretch my points for the day. Plus it gives me a clear picture of what and how much I have eaten each day.

Oh and can we just take a moment to applaud Miss Jennifer Hudson!!! She looks fantastic!! I'm a believer in Weight Watchers just from her success alone!

I have also started reading the book Eat Well Lose Weight, While Breastfeeding. It has wonderful recipes and a guide to help a new Mom stick to a diet that encourages healthy milk production for baby.

I would love to hear from any of you readers who are trying to lose weight as well! We can keep each other motivated!!

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slancasteriii said...

Sarah, I had a c-section too so it was slow start getting back to working out for me too! But I now do a program with other moms called Stroller Strides. You should see if there is a program in your area. I work out 3 times a week with other moms and we can bring our babies in their stroller. It is great! I found it sooo hard to work out at home with all the other things I needed to do lingering in my line of sight plus the fact of having to take care of a baby. Every time I would turn on a video, TJ would lose it and I would have to stop. So Stroller Strides is a fun way to meet other moms and the babies interact and get to get outside with their mom!! Anyway, just an idea to look into!! Good luck!

E. said...

Good luck on your weight loss journey! I have lost 40lbs since late January of this year. I absolutely love (you can get an app for it - I have it on my ipod touch, or you can just use their web site, too).

Emily @CreativeDisaster said...

I had 2 c-sections (5 and 3.5 years ago)! I am doing WWOnline and loving it. I am going to start my new workout next week (as soon as it gets here), Chalean Extreme! I've lost about 40 pounds in the last year, 20 since starting WW in January. I am actually blogging about my weight journey right now.

--ami said...

I love your blog. My husband is also in the marine corp and we just had our first baby 2 weeks ago. It's also nice to read about other military wife's. I love this post as well... I was just thinking about how I need to lose a few extra pounds now too. I definitely need something to motivate me to work out... I love the idea of blogging about it! :)