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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Getting Serious About Coupons!

Does anyone else coupon??? About a year ago I took a class on couponing with some of my military wife friends. I enjoyed the classes. However, I never really took the time or put in the effort to "save big".

Well, I have now started ( and I might add am addicted to) watching TLC's new television show Extreme Couponing, and I am fascinated by the amount of money these women save in just one grocery store trip!

I'm not interested in becoming so extreme that I am turning our bedroom into a warehouse. However, I would love to save our family money in anyway I can (especially now that we have a new baby on the way and diapers aren't cheap) . So, I have decided to ease into the world of couponing one week at a time so I am not overwhelmed. For me the biggest struggle with couponing is I don't really know where or how to start? I found a great website who's author breaks couponing down in 9 easy weekly steps. So, here I go... I'm starting off with the week one challenge!

I am following the coupon plan on . If you are already a couponer I would love to hear your story, suggestions and tips! If you are new to all of this, or would like to get started. Feel free to follow along with me as I challenge myself to complete The Consumer Queen's "How To Coupon" lessons each week.

Lesson # 1

Coupons: Where To Find Them

According to there are a few ways to find coupons.

The Sunday Paper: First, she suggests looking through the Sunday Paper. She says we will want to obtain at least 5 copies of the paper.

Online: Next, she tells us we can find wonderful coupon deals online. So I will be surfing the internet for great coupons today. Such sites as etc...

Grocery Stores: The consumer queen suggests we take advantage of store ads, blinkies found in stores that dispense coupons etc...

Magazines and Blogs: Finally Magazines and blogs are another great way to find coupons.

So, by this time next week I plan to have read my papers, surfed the net and clipped and printed all of my coupons. The consumer Queen's next lesson is on organizing and storing coupons. I will be posting on this next week. If you will be joining me best of luck on your coupon excursion!! :)



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Kyle and Lisa said...

I am so interested in couponing and have watched that show with Kyle! We are in shock with how much these people save! Kyle thinks I should start extreme couponing with diapers and wipes! I will do this challenge along with you! I will be staying home with our little guy since we are moving, and because that's what I've always wanted to do. Good luck couponing! Thanks for sharing!

Sonya Schroeder said...

Girl I have been doing this since the end of Jan and have to tell you I am saving my family tons! It does take some work but well worth it. We had a $800 monthly grocery bill with 4 in our family (3 boys) so they eat alot, and I have saved us atleast half of that and working on getting my bill to $200 monthly. Your off to a great start. I would also suggest The Krazy Coupon Lady and The Coupon Wizard, they both are on facebook..


Elizabeth said...

Have fun! One great way I have found to save on diapers is to order through They give a 15% discount for "subscribe and save" and another 15% discount for "amazon mom". It's by far the cheapest way I've found to get brand name diapers. I am able to diaper my 5 month old for less than $30 a month! Plus they mail them to my door each month so i never need to run out and get more. We used to use cloth, but with this being baby number 6 my time is precious...glad we could find a way to get diapers so frugally.