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Monday, March 21, 2011

A Surprise 80th Birthday and A Baby Shower = A Busy Weekend!

Happy Monday Readers!! I hope you all had a fun weekend, I know I did! This will be a very long post so buckle up! This weekend was a fun packed non-stop two days! On Saturday my husband's family gave his Grandpa a surprise 80th Birthday party! It was a wonderful party with good family, friends and food! It was so nice to see my husband's Aunts, Uncles and cousins as well as the look on his Grandpa's face when the big surprise was unveiled! People flew in from all around the country! :) Here are some pictures from the evening's festivities!

My husband Rich and me with his Grandparents.

Rich's cousin Kim and her husband Brandon.

Rich's cousin David feeling little Robert Kick .

Me hugging Rich's Grandpa when he first walked into the party!

Dimas Ca. A beautifully renovated mansion from the 1800's.

/Baby_Show e Baby Shower %2527s_Party_007.jpg" /> On Sunday my mother -in-law Carla, her sister Chris and Rich's Aunt Renee gave me a family baby shower luncheon. We all had a lovely time! It was at a beautiful venue called the Walker House in San Dimas Ca. the home was originally built in the 1800's.

I will be adding more pictures as soon as I receive them. Rich's Aunt took some wonderful photos of all the guests in attendance. Stay tuned!

Here is the cake they had made for me.

Here are some of my gifts.

Here I am opening up baby gifts.
Some of the guests.
Rich's Mom and Aunts who gave the shower.
Little Robert has been blessed with so many wonderful people in his life! We were showered with many generous gift!

I had to share a few gifts with you! First off my Mom made Robert this adorable camo blanket, beanie and booties set! Now, Robbie is all set to go on base with his Marine Daddy! :)

Next, I just love this little bouncy seat Rich's Aunt Renee gave us, I know we will get so much use out of it and I honestly can't wait to try it! :)
Just a few of the many wonderful,thoughtful and generous gifts I received.
The food, decor, family and friends made my family shower just perfect! Thank you Grandma Carla, Aunt Chris and Aunt Renee from all three of us! :)

So finally I will close and leave you with this cartoon. This is just about how I felt this weekend trying to find something to wear to these two events that fit over my ever growing baby belly. ;) Have a beautiful Monday everyone!

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Carla Irene said...

So fun to see the pictures! We really did have a fun weekend, didn't we!

Making The Most of Each Day said...

It was such a blustery, rainy day!
Most unusual weather for Southern California.
Rich's family must truly care for you Sarah; to have such happy faces, and to have driven their long drive in that weather just to celebrate You and baby Robert!
I thank God that you are so well received by your other family!
You have been showered with so much love, sunshine, and generosity.
I can't wait to see Renee's pictures.
The fun and food was just delightful.
Thank you Carla,Renee, and Christine.

Mom Robin

katie said...

I love the cake :) Too cute! Can't wait to meet the little man.
Love you!

mark lawrence said...

Pleased to know about this family event. I am planning to arrange my family get together brunch party and in search of amazing New York venues. My best friend suggested few venues and looking forward to book lavish venue soon.