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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Show Us Your Life: Show Us Your Family

It's almost Friday so, I'm linking up with Kelly at and today she is asking her readers to share about and feature their families. I am an only child so my family is small but filled with love! So here is my immediate family! :)

My Husband:
First up is my husband Rich. I have known Rich since I was 17 years old ( we started dating in high school). We have grown up together and been through so much with each other. He is not just my husband he is truly my friend, my mentor and an inspiration to me! We have known each other for a little more than ten years and have been married for almost three of those ten years. I find something new I love about him with each passing day. :) Now we are about to embark on our biggest adventure yet, becoming parents, and we just can't wait!

Here we are on our wedding day in July 2008

Next up, My parents:
Here I am with my parents as a baby.

My Mom:

My Mom is also one of my best friends, she is loving, kind and would do anything for me. My Mother has always been a rock in my life, she never crumbles. When times are hard she stays strong, always trusting in the Lord. I am an only child, and my Mother had a difficult time having children. We are very close and talk to each other on the phone everyday. Growing up I was blessed to have her at home with me as a stay at home Mom.
Now that I am a grown woman, wife and soon to be mother I realize how much my Mom sacrificed and did for me. She is my role model and I can only pray that I will be half the Mommy she was and is to me! :)

Here we are on my wedding day.

My Dad:
My Dad is one of the hardest workers I know. Growing up we always had good times together reading bedtime stories, playing games, watching movies. My Dad is quick, sharp and has a funny sense of humor. When I am with him he brings out the kid in me! He is artistic and a wonderful musician. I have so many fond memories of him playing the guitar and singing to me.

Our newest addition coming in just a few weeks;

My Son Robert William Christensen

I already love my little sweet pea so much. I'm counting the days until I meet him! :)

This is my family and I am so blessed to have them and call them my own!
Blessings, Sarah

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Beth McC. said...

Love all the pictures! Its always fun to go back and look at all the family memories! Happy Friday and your blog is too cute!

Sonya Schroeder said...

I love getting to know you through this post. Hope you had a blessed week. Missed you for Project 365 link up this week. Have a great weekend!! HUgs