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Friday, February 4, 2011

Project 365 One Photo At A Time January 29th -February 4th

Saturday January 29th, An adorable cake ball from my friend's daughter's birthday party .

Sunday January 30th, Cute boots I just had to have from Kohl's! Only 12 bucks! I love finding deals!
Monday January 31st, I started my new book for the month of February!

Tuesday February 1st, An afghan I am almost finished with. I am making it for my guest room. Will post final pics soon.

Wednesday February 2nd. I went to a yard sale this past Saturday. I was thrilled with this find. These are two Bombay Company oil paintings. I just had to have them. They still were marked with their original price of $200 for the set. They are in excellent condition. I bought them at the yard sale for $ 40 for the set. I will be putting them in our master bedroom! Pics to come soon! :)

Thursday February 3rd. My two best friends this week!

Friday February 4th, My Mom's cat Sophie taking a nap. I just thought it was too darn cute! :)
Happy Friday everyone!
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Sarah beth said...

I cant believe how cheap those boots were, what a steal! I love your garage sale find too.. and your blanket is going to be beautiful!! I hope to learn how to do that, my goal. book looks intresting!!!!!

Have a great weeknd!!

Lisa Maria said...

Looks like you had a great week! Love your buys.. those paintings are beautiful! They actually match the colours of the afghan you're making. I am hopeless with a needle.. but hoping to change that!

Sonya said...

Sarah you are do darn cute love. Loved your pictures this week!! Looks like you are doing well. Big hugs from NC!!! :)