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Thursday, February 10, 2011

I'm In Love With Girl Scouts Cookie Ice Cream

So, maybe it's because I'm pregnant or perhaps I'm just a sucker for ANYTHING Chocolate? Either way, I just had to share with all of my readers this fabulous discovery!
Introducing Dreyer's/Edy's Girl Scout Cookie Ice Cream!!! If I were Oprah this would definitely be on my Favorite Things show!!
It all started this week when I was wandering down the grocery store aisle at my local Von's Pavilions. All of the sudden I spotted these beautiful words all together on one ice cream container; "Girl Scouts Cookie and Ice Cream". Well, immediately they had me at Girl Scout Cookie". When I was teaching I would always buy the cookies from my students who were in the Girl Scouts. However, they usually don't start selling these fabulous cookies until March. This means I spend a few weeks waiting around to enjoy my cookies ( well, preggo just doesn't have the patients to wait this year! ). The beauty of this ice cream is it's out in stores NOW! So get your cookie fix early this year!

The ice cream is limited edition, which means it won't be around forever. They come in three flavors; My personal favorite is the Samoas which consists of the Samoa cookies, with carmel and fudge! The other two flavors are Thin Mint, which has the Thin Mint cookie along with chocolate mint ice cream. Finally, there is Tagalongs (another favorite) this features the Tagalongs cookie combined with a peanut butter Pattie, vanilla ice cream and swirls of peanut butter and fudge! All I can say is God Bless The Girl Scouts and the good people at Dryer's!
Hope you enjoy and happy eating! :)

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1 comment:

Sarah beth said...

I had the thin mint bc its my hubbys fav but I have to try the others!!