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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My Official "Fly Lady" Plan

A few posts ago I wrote about the "Fly Lady". This week I have officially started the "Fly Lady" program. So far so good. One of the first steps is to establish a weekly Schedule and Menu plan. I am so proud to finally have mine completed. Thought I would share. Now all I have to do is try to stick to it! :)

Sarah’s Basic Weekly Plan

Monday: Weekly Home Blessing (8:00 am-9:00am)/ Linen Zone

1. Get up and Dress to Shoes

2. Laundry –

~ Wash all Whites/ Delicates
~ Wash and Change All Bedding
~ Wash and Change All Towels

3. Weekly Home Blessing Hour

a. Change Sheets
b. Empty All Trashes
c. Vacuum All Rooms

Tuesday: Laundry Zone and Kitchen Zone

1. Water All Plants
2. Laundry-
a. Wash All Rich’s Clothes

3. Kitchen Zone (Clean Whole Kitchen)
a. ~ Microwave, Walls, Stove, Fridge, Mop, Replace Foil on Drip Pans, Clean Appliances, Wash Area Rugs.

Wednesday: Living Room/ Dining Room Zone Clean and Partial Desk Time

1. Laundry-
a. Wash All Sarah’s Clothes

2. Living Room Zone Clean Up-

a. Vacuum under couch cushions
b. Vacuum under couches
c. Wash Walls
d. Dust
e. Wash Windows

3. Partial Desk Time-

a. Write thank-you notes
b. Work on planning Menu and Grocery List for the next week.
c. Balance Checkbook and Bills before shopping

Thursday: Bedroom Zone C lean and Bathroom Zone Deep Clean

1. Bedroom Zone Clean Up-

a. Master Bedroom
~ Clean mirror
~ Vacuum Carpet
~ Dust
~ Sheets were already changed on Monday so Check.

b. Guest Bedroom/ Office Zone Clean Up
~ Clean mirror
~ Vacuum Carpet
~ Dust
~ Sheets were already changed on Monday so Check.
~ Dust Computer and Desk

C. Bathrooms Zone Master and Guest
~ Polish Mirrors
~ Empty Trash
~ Mop Floors
~ Scrub Sink, Tub, Toilet
~ Change/ Replenish ALL Toilet Paper, Tissues

Friday: Paperwork and Errand Day

1. Grocery Shopping Day
2. Clean out car , Vacuum and Wash
3. Clean out Purse
4. Clean up Laundry Room
5. File Papers
6. Pay Bills Online
7. Go to Dry Cleaners on Base ( Rich’s Uniforms)

Friday: “Date Night”, Saturday-: Family Day, Sunday: church

Weekly Menu Plan
I have added our Dinner theme along with Rich's Lunch

Lunch: Sandwich(Turkey)
Dinner: Italian Night

Lunch: Left Over Italian
Dinner: Mexican Night

Lunch: Left Over Mexican
Dinner: Simple Crock Pot Meal

Lunch: Buy Lunch
Dinner: American

Lunch: Sandwich
Dinner: Date Night/ Pizza or Date Night Make A Meal

Lunch: Mac & Cheese
Dinner: Surprise Saturday ( We never know if we will be out)

Lunch: Brunch/ Lunch after Church
Dinner: Crock pot Meal

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Mom C said...

I love your plan. It is inspiring!