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Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend Cookout and Fun

This past weekend it was so nice to have Rich home for a full 96 hours!! He had Friday through Monday off! We just enjoyed our weekend not really doing anything but watching movies, eating and just spending time together! We went to see "Robin Hood" on Friday night and on Saturday Rich surprised me with lunch and a movie matinee. We went to see "Letters To Juliet". I absolutely loved being able to see the beautiful countryside of Italy in the movie!

On Sunday we had our friends the Poynters over for a cookout. Rich grilled up some New Orleans Brats along with roasted corn on the cob. I made my Mom's famous potato salad. The pool here at the base opened this weekend. So it was fun to see everyone going to the pool, little kids playing baseball in the backyards of the base housing, and overall a real sense of family! Later at night we made s'mores and roasted marshmallows around the fire pit! It was a great weekend!

The Fire pit

Rich using our phonebook to get the fire started

Matt and Rich trying to make "the perfect" s'more!

tending to the fire

I think I was able to achieve the "perfect" s'more!!!

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Robin Sieverling said...

My friend Vicki and I went Sunday to see "Letters To Juliete!" I loved loved loved the Tuscan scenery! Leonardo senior was most appealing also!:)
For some reason, the young actres in the movie reminds me of you Sarah. I miss watching movies with you. I am still wiping away tears when I hear the song "slipping Through my Fingers" it so reminds me of you and me!
A HUGE!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS to both you and Richard for his graduation. I love you! xxooxoxoxoxox...