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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Old Movie Kick

Scarlett, Rhett, Ashley and Rich The Marine??????

Lately Rich and I have fallen into a trend of ordering old movies on Netflix and snuggling up with a bowl of popcorn and of course hot chocolate! Our friends Matt and Audra got us started on this kick. Audra loves old movies and she always recommends the best ones for us to watch!

Most recently, Rich and I have been enjoying the fact that he has not started API flight school training just yet. So, we have been taking advantage of staying up late to watch movies, play dominoes, read and talk. It's a nice change and break for a little while, especially after having him gone so often during TBS this past year.

Last night we rented "Gone With The Wind", one of my absolute favorites!! Not only because it takes place in the South ;) but because of the historic value, and beautiful clothing. I must admit I was a little ambitious thinking we could finish the entire movie in one sitting. We did end up breaking it up into two nights worth. All the same I fell in love with the movie all over again!

Except, I still am so mad at Scarlett for always chasing after that darn Ashley!!!!!!
I don't understand what she sees in him?? In my opinion Rhett was a much better choice. I like Scarlett's spunk and ability to take care of herself. Melanie is sweet but come on, I'm sorry but I am just not that nice of a woman to be so kind, so trusting and humble.
Well, as we're watching I am saying all of these comments out loud instead of keeping them in my head, to myself.
During all of this I realized what a sweet and tolerant Marine (mind you) husband I have to sit for four hours with a loud mouth wife and listen to all of my girlie comments !! haha
In the end I loved watching the movie again, and can't wait to get my gun which is going to be named Scarlett! ;)

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