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Friday, January 10, 2014

27 Weeks Pregnant With My Boys

                                                          This past Sunday, January 5th, I hit the 27 week mark in my pregnancy with these adorable little twinies! Almost to the third trimester, just one more week! I should have posted this earlier in the week, but to be honest, today is the first time I actually did my hair and threw on make-up to look halfway descent.  

 As long as I'm being honest... we had a good laugh tonight! My usually very supportive hubby said I look a little bit like the blueberry girl from Willy Wonka in my 27 week photo... ha! Thanks hun! ;)
 I love that we can laugh together! 
Okay, maybe I do look like her...just a little.

 Well here I am at 27 weeks on the right with Robbie and on the left with the twins.

I am feeling and looking quite LARGE these days! You know you are pregnant with twins when you go to fit in the doorway between your washing machine and the wall and you just can't quite fit in the little space anymore without hitting your tummy. Yep.. I'm that girl!  I currently can't see my feet when I look down over my gigantic tummy.! ha :) It's great and I love it , being pregnant is an amazing miracle! Let alone having TWO babies growing in there! I will admit, I get tired easily and I am pretty sure I now weigh what I did towards the end of my pregnancy with Robbie! 
 I am just happy to have these baby boys still safe and sound where they should be! :)
 Praising God all the way and finding humor in the little things.

The babies are moving all the time! The cutest thing happened the other night. One of the boys,( I think it was Jake), was moving around and we suspect he was punching with his little hand. We could see a little punch every now and then. As he punched, I gave a little nudge back and we did this several times! :) Someone is always awake and moving in my tummy!

I am always thirsty and craving protein! I get up several times in the night to use the bathroom and my heart burn has been like no other!!

Tomorrow morning I have my glucose test, so fingers crossed everything turns out well!

Robbie has started helping me rub cocoa butter lotion on my tummy at night... he is so gentile about it and I love his dear little touch. He says, " Mommy, time to put cocoa on your tummy." so cute!

Each baby is the size of a head of cauliflower this week.

I am still on bed rest and today is day 30 of bed rest ... making it through one day at a time.
Please continue to keep us in your prayers!



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You look beautiful! :) I just can't wait to meet these little guys!! Love you guys :) said...

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