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Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! We had a very eventful one. We spent Christmas Eve with my parents eating, baking and looking at Christmas lights in town.

Christmas morning was spent at my parents home. We had a nice big breakfast of croissants, fruit Danishes and a lovely spinach, egg and cheese frittata (made by by Mom). We had my Mom's sister, Aunt Becky over for breakfast and gifts. We enjoyed Christmas music and a fire while we opened presents and enjoyed each others company.

My Mom gave little Robert a beautiful old fashioned bedtime story book, she wrote the dearest message inside of it for him. It made me cry. Grandma Robin also gave little Robert many other nice gifts! Thank You Grandma Robin! :)

Bedtime Story Book From Grandma Robin
The sweet message Grandma Robin wrote to the baby.

My Mom Robin/ Soon To Be Grandma!

Aunt Becky Gave little Robert so many adorable outfits! Just precious! She also gave him a "Glow Worm" toy. Rich and I both had a glow worm as children.

Here we are with Aunt Becky
One of the other very thoughtful gifts we received and just love, was a Winnie The Pooh old fashioned cookie jar that my Mom found for Rich. I know you might be thinking what would a Marine want with a Winnie The Pooh cookie Jar? This cookie Jar meant so much to Rich. As a child Rich had a teddy bear cookie jar in his home. For almost ten years my Mom and I have both heard Rich speak of this teddy bear cookie jar (with fond memories). I have searched for years to find a teddy bear jar to suit Rich. Well, Eureka! This Christmas my Mom found one, complete with cookies and all! Rich is so happy to welcome this little bear into our home! So, now our son will grow up with the same fond memories of freshly baked cookies in the Pooh Bear jar! We were also given many cute gifts in our stocking as well as a nice money gift from both of my parents.

Here We Are With My Dad Ray/ Soon To Be Grandpa!
Finally, we received a Mica lamp from my Dad. Again this was so very thoughtful of my Dad to give this to us. Rich and I are slowly converting our furniture style in our home to Mission/Craftsman style. Rich and I have wanted a Mica lamp for years! My parents have a few in their home. We have always thought they were beautiful, but just too much out of our price range. So, we have admired them from afar! Well, my Dad gave us a beautiful Mica lamp this year!! I cannot wait to put it up in our home!

It is so touching to know that people listen to you and really try to accommodate your style.

Later, towards Christmas evening we went to Rich's Branch Grandparent's home to celebrate Christmas with his side of the family. We had a great time there as well. Christmas dinner was just perfect. It was so nice to see Rich's Uncle, Aunt and cousins who live out of state. We all ate and opened gifts. We most of all enjoyed each other! ( Rich's Mom was the photographer this Christmas. I will add more pictures of Christmas with Rich's family when I receive them from her).
With everything we did this Christmas we made sure to keep the focus on what really is the true meaning of Christmas. Christmas isn't about the gifts, food or even the music. Christmas is truly about celebrating the birth of our beautiful Savior!
I would love you to share your Christmas 2010 story with me! :)

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